Design Star All Stars: Photo Highlights From Episode 1

In the series premiere of Design Star All Stars, the 6 second-chance hopefuls revisit the fan-favorite White Box Challenge.

  • A Second Chance at Stardom

    Six of the most memorable contestants from Design Star history are dusting off their reality TV skills for another shot at stardom.

  • Design Deja Vu

    Host David Bromstad meets the Design Star alums outside Los Angeles' iconic Pacific Design Center to deliver the first challenge.

  • White Box Part Deux

    It's the white box challenge, Design Star All Stars-style: Each designer will be able to create their dream room with unlimited furnishings from the Pacific Design Center. No excuses allowed!

  • Guest Judge: Emily Proctor

    Emily Proctor of CSI: Miami joins Vern Yip and Genevieve Gorder on the design panel.

  • Tom Vecchione

    Season five's Tom loves traditional design, so he decides to create a timless living space with neutral hues and lived-in details — a place he'd feel at home.

  • A Word With the Mentor

    David worries that Tom's room won't pop on camera, but Tom sticks to his neutral guns.

  • After: Tom's Finished Living Space

    Tom's detail-oriented design wows the panel, but they wished it had more contrast.

  • After: The Collected Look

  • After: Retro Drink Tray

  • After: Hand-Drawn Details

  • After: Traditional Accessories

  • After: Curtated Bookshelves

  • After: Tom in His Finished Living Space

  • Leslie Ezelle

    Season six's Leslie wants to show off her glamorous, contemporary style in a living room packed with neutrals, glitz and original artwork.

  • After: Leslie's Finished Living Room

    Leslie's finished room certainly looks luxe, but the judges thought her hand-painted artwork cheapened the space. A wallpaper-covered fireplace filled with tea lights is the room's centerpiece.

  • After: Hand-Painted Art

  • After: Modern Pendant Lighting

  • After: Contemporary Wall Art

  • After: Glitzy Gold Accessories

  • After: Leslie in Her Finished Space

  • Kellie Clements

    Season six designer Kellie Clements won fans with her trademark use of bright colors and patterns. She'll bring that style into her new-and-improved white box.

  • White Box Redemption

    Kellie was unhappy with her finished product in the season six white room challenge, so she decided to recreate her look — with better materials and more design savvy.

  • After: Kellie's Finished Space

    The judges were baffled by Kellie's non-functional white room, but they loved a few details, like the folded book artwork.

  • After: Book Art

  • After: Bold Hues

  • After: Custom Shelving

  • After: Kellie in Finished Space

  • Sparkle Josh Johnson

    Season two legend Sparkle Josh is known among Design Star fans for his glitzy wardrobe, fun personality and more-is-more design aesthetic.

  • Wallpaper Backup Plan

    Josh plans his design around a swatch of wallpaper, but he finds out on day two that it's no longer available. Forced to start from scratch, he worries he won't finish in time.

  • Shopping for Inspiration

    Josh stocks up on shiny accessories for his bold living space.

  • After: Josh's Finished Space

    The judges agree that Josh is a pro shopper, but he didn't combine the great pieces in a cohesive fashion.

  • After: Sparkle Wallpaper

  • After: Silver Greyhound Accessory

  • After: Glitzy Vase

  • Hilari Younger

    This season seven designer is known for her big personality and high-glamour style.

  • Trying Out Yellow

    Yellow — one of the most challenging hues — is Hilari's inspiration for this living space.

  • After: Hilari's Finished Space

    Yellow walls, gold accessories and black-and-white accents — the judges recognize Hilari's space immediately, and they love her mix of traditional furnishings and bright hues.

  • After: White Armchair

  • After: Green Sofa

  • After: Tiger-Inspired Chair

  • After: Unique Coffee Table

  • After: Hilari in the Finished Living Room

  • Dan Vickery

    Season four runner-up Dan Vickery plans to showcase his trademark \"hip and historic\" style in a dining room.

  • After: Dan's Finished Dining Space

    Dan mixed traditional and modern elements seamlessly in this space, like the contemporary table mixed with a traditional chandelier or the bookcase overlaid with an armoire cutout.

  • After: Dan's Bookcase Focal Point

  • After: Dan's Modern Damask Wallpaper

  • After: Dan's Ornate Chandelier

  • After: Dan in the Finished Space

  • Another Round in the Elimination Room

    The designers have been here before, but that doesn't make evaluation any easier. The judges name Dan the winner of the first challenge, leaving just the hard part — who goes home.

  • Goodbye, Kellie

    Kellie's misguided white box with its non-functional design made the judges send her packing. Goodbye, Kellie!

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