HGTV Star How-Tos: Clever DIY Projects Inspired by the Show

Get inspired by the rooms and projects featured on Design Star and HGTV Star, then recreate favorite design elements in your home.

  • Dining Room Artwork and Fireplace

    Tiffany's Fireplace Gallery Wall

    Contestant Tiffany Brooks turned a bare fireplace into an art-filled focal point during season eight's kitchen and dining room makeover.

  • Blue and White Art

    Do It Yourself

    Learn how to select, frame and arrange artwork to create a gallery-worthy display.

  • Kitchen Cabinets and Backsplash

    Jeribai's Tile Backsplash

    HGTV Star season eight contestant Jeribai Tascoe proved that you can create a professional-looking backplash in just three days.

  • Blue Tile Backsplash

    Do It Yourself

    Find your dream tile and install it yourself — really! Here's how to complete it the DIY way.

  • Tiffany's Handmade Silhouette

    Contestant Tiffany Brooks created this hand-painted silhouette during HGTV Star season eight's first challenge.

  • Silhouette Frames

    Do It Yourself

    Create this centuries-old craft easily with the help of a digital camera and a photo printer.

  • Britany's Geometric Wall Treatment

    In the Design Star season seven premiere, Britany Simon created graphic contrast in the bedroom she designed with Mikel by adding white trim in a geometric pattern to a bold-hued wall.

  • Purple and White Geometric Wall

    Do It Yourself

    Create a simplified (but still graphic) version of Britany's wall treatment with MDF trim and your favorite bold paint color.

  • Danielle's Architectural Art

    In episode one of Design Star season seven, Luca Paganico and Danielle Colding worked together to transform a cold, cavernous great room. Danielle used picture moldings to create architectural detail and add interest on the wall in lieu of traditional art pieces.

  • Picture Frame Wall Art

    Do It Yourself

    Create a focal point — no art necessary — by grouping squares of molding painted in cohesive hues. Get step-by-step instructions to make your own arrangement.

  • Jordan and Miera's Upholstered Headboards

    Jordan Capella and Miera Melba worked together to create this contemporary take on coastal style in season seven premiere. Instead of creating one large headboard piece for their bedroom, the designers stretched metallic hides across small squares of wood.

  • Do It Yourself

    Make your own dramatic headboard with squares of plywood covered with foam batting and your favorite textural fabric.

  • Rachel's Chevron-Painted Chests

    During the Design Star season seven white room challenge, Rachel Kate wowed the panel with her masterful mix of patterns, including three dressers painted with multi-hued chevron stripes.

  • Chevron Stripe Dresser as Table

    Do It Yourself

    Transform a bland dresser into a conversation piece inspired by Rachel's white room. Learn how to prep your dresser and paint designer-quality chevron stripes.

  • Britany's Repurposed Wood Art

    For her nautically-inspired white room created during Design Star season seven, Britany Simon used slats of reclaimed wood and copper connectors for an unexpected focal point.

  • Weathered Cabinet Door on Wall

    Do It Yourself

    Want a similar look? Hang an interesting, salvaged object on the wall as art in just a few simple steps.

  • Britany's Painted Canvas Rug

    Also for season seven's white room challenge, Britany Simon transformed a plain canvas rug into a bright accent piece by painting freehand stripes in bold red.

  • Colorful Outdoor Sitting Area with Purple Rug

    Do It Yourself

    Transform a basic drop cloth into a one-of-a-kind outdoor area rug with these simple steps.

  • Britany's 3-D Mirror Installation

    When the season seven designers took on a redesign of Kris Kardashian Jenner's offices, Britany Simon knew she had to do something ultra-glam. She delivered with a wall-sized, 3-D mirror installation.

  • Three-Dimensional Mirror

    Do It Yourself

    Get the look of Britany's mirror installation with this easy-to-build (and easy to move) framed dimensional mirror.

  • Britany and Stanley's Chevron Privacy Fence

    When the homeowners featured on episode four of Design Star season seven requested a privacy fence, Stanley Palmieri and Britany Simon collaborated on this chevron fence that's both graphic and functional.

  • Patio Privacy Screen

    Do It Yourself

    Build a hanging herringbone panel (or two) to block neighbors' prying eyes.

  • Nail Head Details

    Sometimes the best room features are the tiniest details, like this nail head trim featured in the condo living room Britany Simon designed during episode seven of Design Star season seven.

  • Chair of Nails

    Do It Yourself

    Bring a high-end look to an upholstered piece of furniture by adding your own nail head trim.

  • Kevin's Made Over Flea Market Chairs

    When Kevin Grace from Design Star season six was asked to revamp a tired bed and breakfast, he gave the existing furniture new life with a fresh coat of paint and new upholstery.

  • Piece of Cake

    Do It Yourself

    Get our designer's tips for sanding, refinishing and reupholstering to give vintage chairs a whole new look.

  • Karl's Wall-Mounted Nightstands

    In the same season six bed and breakfast challenge, Karl Sponholtz transformed an end table into two built-in consoles that gave his room a finished, refined look.

  • Stylish Pink Bedroom Nightstand

    Do It Yourself

    Turn one tired bedside table into two bright, wall-mounted shelves with this simple how-to.

  • Karl Sponholtz Highlights Bedrooms High Ceilings

    Karl's Upholstered Headboard

    In Design Star season six, Karl Sponholtz wowed the homeowners in the HGTV'd challenge with a luxe, handmade headboard upholstered with ruched fabric.

  • Patterned Headboard

    Do It Yourself

    Create your own dramatic bedroom focal point with this exaggerated fabric headboard how-to.

  • Mark's Factory Cart Coffee Table

    In the season six HGTV'd challenge, Mark Diaz used modern-industrial details for the family's living room, like rustic factory cart coffee table.

  • Industrial Coffee Table

    Do It Yourself

    Featuring an optional reclaimed wood top and caster wheels, this step-by-step project proves factory style — without the price — is obtainable by anyone.

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