Design Star Season 7: Photo Highlights From Episode 6

The final six designers pair up to create dream kitchens worthy of a feature in HGTV Magazine.

  • The Kitchen Challenge

    Host David Bromstad and HGTV Magazine editor-in-chief Sara Peterson challenged the designers to create kitchens worthy of a magazine feature.

  • Another White Box

    The designers work in pairs to create kitchens designed around three different styles of sinks.

  • Contemporary and Sleek: Danielle and Britany

    Since Danielle won last week's challenge, she gets to choose not only her partner, but also pair up the rest of the designers.

  • A Collected Vibe

    Danielle and Britany use their contemporary sink as the centerpiece of a collected, sophisticated kitchen.

  • After: Soft Hues

    Danielle and Britany use a light turquoise and butter yellow palette to make this room cheerful and bright.

  • After: The Lived-In Look

    Pieces that appear to be time-worn, like the weathered wood buffet and classic crystal chandelier, lend this space a lived-in look.

  • Photo Finish

    Britany uses frames filled with old newspaper to create a photo backsplash, but guest judge and Kitchen Cousins cohost Anthony Carrino thinks it's not practical in a kitchen — photos generally look better without grease stains.

  • Stylish Storage

    A weathered wood buffet adds storage space for dining essentials, while the large-scale mirror makes the kitchen appear larger.

  • Traditional Glamour

    A crystal chandelier adds a touch of tradition to this eclectic space. \"Lighting is an opportunity to have a floating piece of art,\" judge Vern Yip says.

  • Bold Floral Hues

    When host and mentor David Bromstad expresses concern that the room isn't colorful enough, Britany and Danielle turn to floral accents in yellow and pink to brighten the room.

  • Bookcase Storage

    An industrially-inspired bookcase displays key entertaining pieces alongside carefully-selected cookbooks.

  • This Week's Winners

    The judging panel unanimously chose Britany and Danielle as this week's winners based on their kitchen design and strong on-camera performances.

  • Bold and Modern: Stanley and Hilari

    Stanley and Hilari's inspiration: a sleek, black, apron-front sink that will lend itself well to a funky, modern look.

  • Modern and Vibrant

    The pair decides on a red and blue color scheme with modern, vibrant accessories.

  • Give Yourself a Hand

    In lieu of traditional cabinet hardware, Stanley chooses sculptural hands. \"If the panel asks me to think outside the box, I'm going to jump out of the box,\" he says.

  • After: Ultra-Bold Kitchen

    Hilari's bold red countertops and Stanley's bright blue paint color combine to create a kitchen that the panel thinks is a little hard on the eyes.

  • After: Confused Kitchen

    \"It's like this kitchen has ADD,\" says guest judge and Kitchen Cousins co-host John Colaneri of the over-accessorized room.

  • Contemporary Seating

    Sleek white-and-chrome bar stools provide seating at the kitchen's island.

  • Glass Backsplash

    A clear glass backsplash lets the bold blue hue shine through while still protecting the wall from stains.

  • Handy Cabinet Pulls? Thumbs Down

    The judges are perplexed by the sculptural hand cabinet pulls — some of the fingers even block the cabinets from opening.

  • Hand-Blown Pendants

    Staggered pendant lighting creates a focal point in this modern kitchen.

  • Bookshelf Turned Baker's Rack

    This bookshelf is a stylish switch-up from a traditional baker's rack. Hilari accessorized the unit with baking essentials and clutter-hiding closed storage.

  • Graphic Punch

    Judge Genevieve Gorder appreciated Hilari's effort to bring typography into this space, but the uneven letters give the accent a juvenile look.

  • Custom Window Screen

    Stanley designed and built this custom window frame, but the panel thinks it serves no purpose in the finished space.

  • Who Will Go Home?

    Hilari and Stanley are on thin ice after the judges tour their space. In the end, the panel decides to send home....

  • Goodbye, Stanley

    ...Stanley. As judge John Colaneri says, \"Step out of the box doesn't mean jump off a cliff,\" — the designs have to be functional as well as beautiful. See why Stanley thinks his design worked and why he wouldn't do the room differently.

  • Goin' Country

    Rachel and Mikel team up to create a kitchen inspired by a country-patterned sink. \"I'm from the Midwest. I can do country,\" Minnesota native Rachel says.

  • Wall to Wallpaper

    Rachel doesn't want to play it safe, so she pushes to use bold wallpaper on the back wall of the room. After a few false starts, the duo chooses this pink toile pattern, which depicts pastoral scenes.

  • Country Glamour

    Mikel finds a chandelier that's the perfect high-end counterpoint to the room's country look.

  • After: Bold Back Wall

    Rachel wants the back wall to have visual impact, so the designers leave it free of cabinetry. But to judge Genevieve Gorder, it's too big of an impact. \"Because this wall is completely naked, it's a punch in the's incredibly busy,\" she says.

  • After: Country Accents

    Weathered accessories, white cabinets and painted flooring give this space a homey, modern country feel.

  • Organic Accents

    Garden-fresh accents add color and an organic touch to this kitchen.

  • Bold Chandelier

    The panel loves Mikel's glamorous chandelier tied up with twine, but say it gets lost against the crazy-bold wallpaper.

  • Modern Farm Table

    Judge Genevieve Gorder says she would \"lay on the railroad tracks\" for this trestle table. Mismatched chairs further evoke the modern country feel.

  • Kitchen Island

    This kitchen island adds much-needed workspace, but the space planning is off — it's so close to the countertop you can barely squeeze through the space.

  • Sink Inspiration

    This country-patterned sink was the inspiration for the room.

  • Safe or Not?

    The judges didn't love Mikel and Rachel's busy interpretation of country style, and they decide to send another designer home.

  • So Long, Rachel

    Rachel had a strong start this season, but \"you have to bring that design eye every single time,\" judge Vern Yip says at evaluation. Watch her exit interview to learn her biggest regret and what she'd do differently.

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