Design Star Season 7: Photo Highlights From Episode 5

This week: The final seven Design Star hopefuls outfit a gala in honor of Hollywood's 125th birthday with lounges celebrating iconic design styles.

  • The Final Seven

    In honor of Hollywood's 125th birthday, host David Bromstad challenges the designers to create lounges inspired by iconic design styles for a Hollywood Chamber of Commerce event. One problem: The event is tomorrow! The designers have less than two days to create their space and prepare a speech about their style.

  • Guest Judge: Marg Helgenberger

    Actress Marg Helgenberger of CSI fame joins the panel this week alongside Vern Yip and Genevieve Gorder.

  • Before: Blank Slate

    The designers must create the themed lounges from scratch — even the walls, floors and ceilings.

  • Britany: Hollywood Regency

    Britany draws her favorite design style: glamorous, high-end Hollywood regency.

  • Hollywood Style, Today

    Britany's own style is a modern version of Hollywood regency — she loves to feature bold graphic elements, glamorous touches and lots of shine.

  • After: Britany's High-Style Lounge

    A classic black, gold and white color palette with bold graphic touches exudes the glamour of Hollywood regency style.

  • Graphic Accents

    Paneled doors with white accents are placed at the front and back of Britany's lounge to give the room added depth.

  • High-Gloss Style

    A bright chrome chandelier adds shine to the room.

  • Tile on a Dime

    Britany painted the floor to mimic the look of classic black-and-white marble tile.

  • The Perfect Chairs

    Tufted-leather club chairs and a coordinating Chesterfield sofa provide ample seating for party guests.

  • A Feminine Touch

    Geometric details on the sides of this curvy coffee table echo the squares featured on the wall panels.

  • Full Circle

    Judge Genevieve Gorder praises Britany's accessory choices, along with her selection of this circular bookcase with geometric detailing.

  • Finishing Touches

    Floral arrangements and silver accessories finish this space.

  • Almost on Top

    The judges love Britany's space: The room includes all the graphic nature she's known for, but it's also more sophisticated, judge Vern Yip says. Britany narrowly misses a win this week.

  • Danielle: Art Deco

    Danielle jokes that the design gods are smiling on her as she draws the art deco card. Characterized by geometric designs, rich colors and the use of plastic and glass, art deco style was popular in the 1930s and 1940s.

  • Danielle Does Deco

    Danielle envisions a sexy, moody space complete with bold moments, like this angular shell-like focal point.

  • After: Parisian Jazz Lounge

    This Paris-inspired lounge features lots of glossy black pieces with peach and white accents.

  • Geometric Floor

    Danielle used painter's tape and a thin layer of light peach paint to create this triangular floor pattern evocative of art deco style.

  • Art of the Era

    A French theater print from the 1920s adds historical charm to this space.

  • Fierce Focal Point

    Danielle's best antique shop find this week? A glossy panther parked in the front of this space.

  • Shell Screen

    Tiered, symmetrical designs — like the spire of the New York City's Chrysler Building — are a staple of art deco style. This shell-inspired screen makes a bold backdrop for the sofa.

  • Artful Illumination

    This statue, a favorite of judge Vern Yip, doubles as a light source.

  • This Week's Winner

    Danielle wows the judges with her professional, polished space and solid presentation. They name her this week's winner!

  • Hilari: The 1980s

    The '80s were known for lots of things — neon, spandex, punk rock — but good design isn't necessarily one of them. Still, Hilari is tasked with creating a tasteful take on the bright and bold era.

  • Spandex Rug

    Sure, spandex is great for leggings, but Hilari decides to use it for something new: a handwoven area rug.

  • Time for Plan B

    When Hilari's spandex rug is an utter failure, she opts for a painted floor with a block pattern inspired by Piet Mondrian's iconic paintings.

  • After: Welcome to 1980

    Hilari rocks the 1980s in her space with bright hues and fun accessories.

  • PVC Pipe Walls

    Hilari uses PVC pipes and chains to create partial walls for this lounge. Grommet-studded leather bands on the pipe ends are a subtle salute to the era's punk rock scene.

  • Reflective Surfaces

    This reflective coffee table is a stylish way to reinterpret the infamous '80s mirrored wall.

  • Neon Lights

    Round pendants in electric blue and green create a party atmosphere in the lounge.

  • Retro Seating

    A curvy white sofa contrasts the floor's bright hues.

  • Hilari's Safe Again

    Hilari made '80s design look good, which was no small feat. The judges especially liked the Mondrian floor and the other small details that made this space special. She's safe again this week.

  • Kris: 1970s

    Kris's design mission: create a 1970s-inspired room that doesn't look like something that needs to be remodeled.

  • Disco Days

    Kris decides to bring together what he views as the best representations of the 1970s: disco, innovation and bold furniture colors and textures.

  • After: Kris' '70s Basement

    Kris finds some great individual pieces, but they look crowded together without a thread connecting it all.

  • '70s Workroom

    This desk nook is one of the one bright spots for the judges in Kris' design. The bold orange typewriter stands out against the mirrored desk, and a lava lamp is playfully used as a flower vase.

  • Too Much of a Good Thing

    Furniture from the 1970s was bold, low-slung and curvy. Wood paneling is also a hallmark of the era. Kris nails the decade's character but falls short on styling the room.

  • Iconic Design

    Designer Eero Aarnio created the iconic bubble chair as a study in less-is-more furnishings. Kris is excited to include this well-known hanging piece, but he hangs it too high for anyone of average height to sit in.

  • Groovy Accents

    You can't design a 1970s room without a lava lamp or two, like this blue model.

  • Shag Carpet

    This orange leather sofa is parked atop another hallmark of the 1970s: shag carpet!

  • Kris, It's Time to Go

    A no-personality camera challenge plus a too-literal room made the judges send Kris packing this week. See what he has to say about his elimination.

  • Mikel: Midcentury Modern

    Midcentury modern rooms are characterized by their clean, simple lines, warm wood tones and natural elements. Set designer Mikel must re-create the look in a cocktail lounge.

  • Mikel's Take on Midcentury

    Mikel's game plan: create a room that displays minimalism at its finest, like a chic Hollywood Hills house with a sleek fireplace.

  • After: Midcentury Lounge

    When he decides the back wall is too bare, Mikel makes a last-minute decision to hang an oversized painting that evokes the colorful abstract expressionism of painter Mark Rothko. The downside: He covers his fireplace focal point.

  • Classic Pieces

    Mikel includes an iconic Barcelona chair, a fixture of midcentury interiors designed by Mies van der Rohe.

  • Sputnik Chandelier

    Inspired by the Russian Sputnik satellites in the 1950s and early 1960s, Dutch designer Paul de Haan created this classic shape. Both 1950s originals and reproductions are defined by a metal ball in center and rods with lighted ends jutting out from it.

  • High-Gloss Accessory

    An abstract silver accent adds a bit of shine to this space.

  • Wood + White

    Manufacturing innovations in the 1950s and 1960s meant that molded woods, like this sofa's arms, became much more prominent in designs. Mikel pairs the white sofa with a marble Saarinen tulip side table and monochromatic white drapes.

  • Mikel in the Middle

    Mikel's space is inviting, but the judges think it feels unfinished; Genevieve suggests adding layers of different whites for a more cohesive feel. Despite a few missteps, Mikel is safe this week.

  • Rachel: Victorian

    Rachel draws the Victorian card for this themed lounge challenge. This rich style popular in the mid-1800s is defined by rich fabrics, dark colors, velvets and layered accessories.

  • Rachel's Victorian Concept

    After struggling for inspiration, Rachel decides to do a modern interpretation of Victorian with black, white and vintage accents.

  • After: Victorian Lounge

    A scalloped window allows guests to peer into Rachel's modern — if disjointed — take on Victorian style. The floor's faux \"tufting\" is a nod to the furniture of the era.

  • Raven Centerpieces? Nevermore

    Ornate furniture in pure white sits behind a scroll-legged coffee table topped with two painted ravens.

  • Victorian Daybed

    A white daybed provides additional seating in this Victorian lounge.

  • Old and New

    Rachel adds Victorian flair to a new, modern dresser with ornate hardware.

  • A Sconce of a Different Color

    Rachel finds this vintage sconce, then repaints it in electric blue for a modern take on the vintage style. The judges aren't impressed by her Smurf-inspired color palette.

  • Barely Surviving

    Rachel's on thin ice with the panel after a weak design and even weaker camera challenge, but she makes it one more week.

  • Stanley: Futuristic Style

    Stanley's challenge — to create a lounge of the future — is difficult in a different way from the historically focused rooms.

  • Stanley's Vision of the Future

    Inspired by sci-fi movies and his own welding prowess, he aims to create a lounge with lots of metallic accents.

  • After: Sci-Fi Lounge

    This red-and-black lounge features a design scheme that aliens and humans alike could enjoy.

  • Starship Seats

    These black-leather-and-metal chairs look as though they were inspired by the cockpit of an ultramodern spacecraft.

  • Coffee Table Blunder

    The judges are perplexed by Stanley's custom star-destroyer coffee table and the too-tall vase on top.

  • Molded-Metal Furniture

    To bring his own style into the mix, the welder and performance artist includes these molded-metal chairs.

  • Space-Age Chandeliers

    Sputnik chandeliers and table lamps light up this space, creating focal points that mimic the night sky.

  • Stanley's Safe

    Despite the ill-advised coffee table, the resident Pittsburgh holdout is safe to design another week.

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