Tour the Design Star Season 7 Cast House

Peek inside the Design Star season 7 cast house — designed by the contestants, for the contestants.

  • Welcome Home, Designers!

    This 10,000 square foot Los Angeles mansion is home to the season seven Design Star cast. Their first challenge? Decorate it! Peek inside their living space.

  • Great Room: Before

    This cavernous great room has loads of potential — and lots of space to fill.

  • Great Room: After

    Designers Luca Paganico and Danielle Colding turned this vast room into a warm, inviting space with the right hue (a warm gray) and large-scale furniture and accessories.

  • Great Room: Open Shelving

    This open white bookcase serves two functions in this space; it's both a functional place to store accessories and an asymmetric focal point that contrasts with the moody wall hue.

  • Great Room: Sculptural Accents

    The room features a clean, simple color scheme, with textural accents, like this ribbed vase, standing in for bold color.

  • Great Room: Art and Architecture

    Empty picture moldings create architectural detail and add interest on the wall in lieu of art pieces.

  • Great Room: Do It Yourself

    Create this look at home with strips of molding or empty picture frames painted in cohesive hues. Get step-by-step instructions to make your own arrangement.

  • Great Room: Right-Size Furniture

    In a space this large, it's key to select furniture that meets the scale of the room, like this pair of sofas large enough to seat the entire Design Star cast.

  • Great Room: Metallic Touches

    Bits of shine throughout the room, like this silver throw pillow, create a little glamour in this comfortable space.

  • Master Bedroom: Before

    This master bedroom started out with a massive black marble fireplace and two-toned built-ins.

  • Master Bedroom: After

    Designers Bex Hale and Kris Swift gave the room a bold makeover, with plum walls and details that echo the room's existing architecture.

  • Master Bedroom: Neon Inspiration

    This glass table covered with strips of neon tape was the inspiration for the room's bold palette. To create a playful vignette, the designers attached an oversized, light-up matchstick to the table with a tape \"cord.\"

  • Master Bedroom: Art Installation

    This playful art installation by designer Bex Hale artfully combined her rustic style with partner Kris Swift's bright, modern aesthetic.

  • Master Bedroom: Cohesive Woodwork

    The designers repeated the two-toned wood inlays seen in the existing built-ins, and painted the bottoms of each bed black to echo the hue in the marble fireplace.

  • Master Bedroom: Neon Niches

    Kris repeated the striped tape pattern from his glass table inside each headboard niche.

  • Master Bedroom: Striped Mantel

    Even more neon tape makes the mantel of the black marble fireplace stand out.

  • Master Bedroom: Natural Elements

    A curvy driftwood lamp tones down the room's bright hues and rigid shapes.

  • Guest Bedroom One: Before

    This bedroom has great detailing, like the built-in wood shelving and the exaggerated molding.

  • Guest Bedroom One: After

    Designers Mikel Welch and Britany Simon transformed this room into a space that's both colorful and comfortable.

  • Guest Bedroom One: Bring on the Stripes

    Striped duvet covers in citron and white contrast beautifully against the blue walls.

  • Guest Bedroom One: Reading Nook

    An oversized, whimsical chair and vibrant yellow throw pillow (hand-sewn by the designers) invite you into this reading nook.

  • Guest Bedroom One: Think Pink

    Small bits of pink throughout the room create a cohesive color scheme without seeming too matchy-matchy.

  • Guest Bedroom One: Double-Duty

    This hard-working nook can be used two ways: as a nightstand or as a vanity for early-morning wake-up calls.

  • Guest Bedroom One: Whimsical Taxidermy

    Cast metal ram sculptures in bright pink add a hint of whimsy to this bedroom. A black-and-white bed crown and white linen curtains frame the focal point.

  • Guest Bedroom One: Global Chic

    An oversized ottoman reupholstered with a scroll-printed, distressed shower curtain adds a worldly accent to this colorful space.

  • Guest Bedroom Two: Before

    This room is practically devoid of architectural details, aside from a small window. The upside: It's a blank slate!

  • Guest Bedroom Two: After

    Designers Miera Melba and Jordan Cappella combined their styles to create a glamorous, masculine space inspired by the colors of the sea.

  • Guest Bedroom Two: Custom Headboards

    The metallic silver headboards are custom-made from pattern-printed hides, batting and blocks of wood.

  • Guest Bedroom Two: Modern and Global

    A cast Shiva sculpture in bright white stands out against the navy blue wall. The Lucite table it sits atop was custom-designed by contestant Jordan Cappella.

  • Guest Bedroom Two: Inspiration

    The blue-and-white jar perched on the lower shelf of this modern C table inspired the room's color palette and the chevron stripe on the wall.

  • Guest Bedroom Two: Crisp Bedding

    Pin-tucked duvets in crisp white add great texture to the beds in this room. Navy-and-white throw pillows add to the room's nautical vibe.

  • Guest Bedroom Two: White Accessories

    Even though the accessories used here vary in style — geometric vases paired with organic coral — they're united by their bright white hue.

  • Guest Bedroom Two: Original Artwork

    Designer Jordan Cappella created this simple, graphic artwork by covering a canvas with strips of tape, then painting it with a sunny yellow hue.

  • Den: Before

    This central room will make an ideal gathering spot for the cast — once it gets some furniture and accessories.

  • Den: After

    Designers Hilari Younger and Rachel Kate combined their styles to create a nature-inspired hangout with glamorous touches.

  • Den: Custom Coffee Table

    Designer Rachel Kate designed this curvy coffee table. Its glossy black hue grounds the room.

  • Den: Mirrored Chandelier

    A sparkling glass-and-mirror chandelier adds unexpected glitz to this casual space.

  • Den: Tabletop Accents

    A long, flat wooden box adds Old World charm to the top of this wall-mounted console, and its low profile leaves the view out the window intact.

  • Den: Cozy Seating

    A white wing chair outfitted with soothing green and blue pillows and a cozy throw makes an ideal spot to relax. The zebra rug adds another hint of glamour.

  • Den: It's All About Contrast

    It's the hunting lodge aesthetic, turned on its head: A cast moose bust painted in high-gloss white pops out against a square black background.

  • Den: Asymmetrical Sofa

    An asymmetrical section of the contemporary gray sofa provides additional room to lounge.

  • Designer Lounge: Before

    This blank slate needed to be furnished from top to bottom — right down to the plain concrete floor.

  • Designer Lounge: After

    Designers Yuki Northington and Stanley Palmieri used bold color and original artwork to promote creativity in this work area.

  • Designer Lounge: Original Sculpture

    Designer Stanley Palmieri created this free-form metal sculpture to fill a window alcove in the space.

  • Designer Lounge: Upholstered Bench

    Designer Yuki Northington created a built-in, upholstered bench below the sculptural focal point.

  • Designer Lounge: Personal Collage

    The designers did another art installation on the opposite wall, incorporating a collage that references all of the designers' hometowns along with 3-D frames and crumpled scrap paper.

  • Designer Lounge: Striped Hardwood Floors

    Designer Yuki Northington chose two shades of bamboo flooring to create a bold stripe on the floor without paint.

  • Designer Lounge: Custom Work Table

    This custom table provides lots workspace for design projects and and plenty of seating for the large cast.

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