Stanley Palmieri's Design Portfolio

This gregarious artist and construction manager create spaces that seamlessly combine art and function.

  • Back to the 1950s

    For this gourmet burger joint, Stanley used exhaust pipes as railings and hand-crafted car fronts to serve as wall art.

  • Classic Diner Decor

    Vintage chairs, a checkered floor and red accent walls take this themed restaurant back to the 1950s.

  • A Day at the Beach

    A beach bar in Pittsburgh? Stanley designed this one, complete with a grass roof and faux palm trees.

  • Sculptural Lighting

    Stanley designed this nightclub's cubist light towers and \"liquid lava\" bar tops.

  • Custom Design

    Stanley's custom-fabricated Tibetan archway leads the way to a VIP entrance at a Morgantown, W.V. lounge.

  • Rainbow Wall

    Color-changing lights on the textured wall make it appear that rain is hitting the surface.

  • Balloon Pop

    For this performance art piece, Stanley gave viewers a pin and invited them into a room filled with balloons.

  • Living Art

    For this performance art piece, Stanley invited viewers to try on \"sledgehammer ski toe shoes\" and asked them to walk across ceramic tiles.

  • Industrial Artwork

    Stanley transformed the columns in this industrial-style restaurant into dragonflies with color-changing wings.

  • The Dragonfly

    This art installation uses color-changing lights to make the dragonfly \"wings\" flutter.

  • Wave Wall

    This 3-D wave wall adds texture behind cozy clamshell lounge seating at a Morgantown, W.V. lounge.

  • Behind the Bar

    Stanley created a color-changing, backlit backdrop for this honey onyx bar.

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