Design Star Season 6: Photo Highlights From Episode 7

This week, the designers surprise an HGTV fan with the ultimate top-to-bottom home makeover. But will it all come together, or will the designers wreck the reno? See the top moments and before-and-after shots.

  • Designers and Host of HGTV Design Star 6

    You've Been HGTV'd!

    The contestants head to a HGTV fan's home to surprise her and her family with the ultimate multi-room remodel.

  • Homeowners with Host of HGTV Design Star 6

    Meet the Homeowners

    Homeowners Nikki and Perry recently bought this home for their young family, but don't know how to decorate it. That's where the design contestants come in.

  • Judging Panel and John Gidding Design Star 6

    Special Guest: John Gidding

    Joining the judging panel this week is HGTV star and host of Curb Appeal: The Block, John Gidding.

  • Camera Challenge: Reveal Your Room

    Each contestant will make over a room of the family's home, and then reveal it to them on camera! Mentor David Bromstad shows the designers how it's done.

  • Karl Sponholtz Discusses Plans for Master Bedroom

    Karl Tackles the Master Suite

    For their master bedroom, the couple wants something romantic but not girly. Another request: a chandelier. \"It's my mission to find a man-friendly chandelier,\" says Karl.

  • Creating Architectural Interest

    A carpenter works on the trim pieces for Karl's master bedroom. \"It's my love of architectural elements that are going to give this room a rich, romantic feel,\" Karl says.

  • Wide Shot of Master Suite Before Makeover

    Before: No-Romance Master Suite

    The bold-hued walls don't do justice to the room's architectural details.

  • Karl Sponholtz After Bedroom Wide Shot

    After: Romantic But Not Flowery

    Cool neutral walls play up the room's best features, like high ceilings, crown moldings and a new chandelier. \"The chandelier has a masculinity about definitely has romance about it without dripping with crystals,\" says Genevieve.

  • Upholstered Headboard Adds Depth and Focal Point

    After: A Custom Headboard

    Before, this master suite had no headboard. Karl creates this soft, upholstered one to add depth and a focal point to the room. \"I love the almost looks like subtle waves,\" says Vern.

  • Casings and Panels Play up Rooms Features

    After: Architectural Detail

    Karl extends the casings and adds panels under each window to play up the room's architectural features. \"The millwork extensions turned all the windows into a great design feature,\" John says.

  • Karl Sponholtz Changes Out Old bedroom Dresser

    Before: Disjointed and Drab

    Nothing unites this corner's original beige doors and black dresser.

  • Karl Sponholtz Master Bedroom Transformation

    After: Harmonious Colors

    A muted base color and accessories in brown and black give this wall a cohesive look.

  • Karl Sponholtz Adds Photos Bedroom Dressing Table

    After: Personal Touches

    To give the room life, Karl adds photos atop the dressing table that are sure to make the couple smile.

  • Karl Sponholtz Chooses White Lounger for Bedroom

    After: A Place to Unwind

    To make this bedroom into true retreat, Karl adds a lounge chair by the window for reading and regrouping.

  • Karl Sponholtz Tackles Bland Master Suite

    Before: Short-Sighted

    The bold hue on the wall overtakes the room's architectural details, like the high ceiling and door frame trim.

  • Karl Sponholtz Highlights Bedrooms High Ceilings

    After: Up-High Elegance

    Hanging the drapes up high elongates the wall, and the muted paint color and new crown moldings draw the eye toward the ceiling.

  • Karl Sponholtz Romantic Renovation of Bedroom

    Karl in His Finished Room

    Karl's romantic renovation is just what the homeowners wanted. The judges name him this week's winner.

  • Kellie Clements Talks Bedroom Plans with Family

    Kellie Tackles A Sports-Themed Boy's Room

    Nikki and Perry's son Mason has only two requests for his new bedroom: a locker room theme and bunk beds.

  • Kellie Clements Shops for Sports Themed Bedroom

    Struggling With Design Decisions

    \"Mason wants a sports-themed room. It's my worst nightmare,\" says Kellie. \"I'm going to take his feelings and I'm going to implement those in a different way.\"

  • Kellie Clements Creates Custom Mural in Bedroom

    Custom Artwork

    Since Mason loves to play soccer, Kellie creates a custom mural in the room's theme colors of red and blue. \"I know I'm going to be able to take what I know about my family and bring that into their home,\" says Kellie.

  • Kids Bedroom Before HGTV Design Star Makeover

    Before: Basketball Walls

    This orange room has a bright palette, but lacks character and function.

  • Kellie Clements After Picture of Soccer Theme Room

    After: Soccer Haven

    Though she didn't do a locker room theme, Kellie tucks bits of soccer-themed pieces throughout the room. Stil, John isn't impressed: \"There's nothing locker room in this whole space,\" he says.

  • Kellie Clements Designs Platform Bed for Boys Room

    After: Brand New Loft Bed

    The judges are miffed that Kellie chose not to use bunk beds. \"She didn't address the one thing he really wanted,\" says Genevieve.

  • Kids Can Use Private Under Bed Area to Relax

    After: A Secret Spot

    Mason can use this private under-bed area to kick around the soccer ball or relax wit a book. \"It's the only space in the room I kind of like,\" says Vern.

  • Before: Too-Big Double Bed

    Mason would be swimming in this adult-sized bed, and there's nothing fun or kid-friendly in the space.

  • Kellie Clements Designs Sport Theme Platform Bed

    After: Custom Loft Bed

    Though Mason asked for bunk beds, Kellie chose a loft bed with a hideout underneath. But Mason was noticeably disappointed at the reveal: \"Poor kid. He was just looking for his bunk beds,\" says David.

  • Wooden Bins Used to Create Locker Feel in Bedroom

    After: Soccer Lockers

    In lieu of actual lockers, Kellie used wooden bins with a hook underneath to create a locker feel. \"I didn't want it to look dated,\" she says at judging. But John fires back: \"It's not up to you to decide if a locker room will be dated in a's up to you to make sure it's not going to be dated,\" he says.

  • Kellie Clements Sits in Her Finished Bedroom

    Kellie Poses In The Finished Room

    Though the judges are unhappy with Kellie's choices, they decide to give her another chance to impress. She's safe this week.

  • Kevin Grace Talks with Owners About Artwork

    Kevin Consults In the Family Room

    For this blank-slate room, the homeowners want Kevin to utilize their existing modern art piece. They also want a more-modern fireplace and ample seating. \"The key element is the layout of the room,\" says Kevin.

  • Kevin Grace Paints Fireplace and Get New Mantel

    Revamping the Mantel

    Kevin decides to paint the fireplace and get a new mantel, but he can't find the right piece of wood for the job. \"I'm in such a pickle now, I have no idea what I'm going to do,\" he says of his mantel debacle.

  • Kevin Grace Hangs Artwork and Accessories

    Hanging Artwork

    Kevin finds lots of artwork and accessories to warm up this cold, impersonal space.

  • Before: Big Issues

    Family rooms should feel cozy, but this one feels cavernous and disjointed, and lacks functional space.

  • After: Cozy Hangout

    One neutral wall color makes the space feel like one unified area, and cozy pillows and personal accessories warm up the room.

  • New Mantel and Art Modernizes Family Room Space

    After: A New Mantel

    Kevin's new mantel (borrowed from Mark) modernizes the space, and the modern art piece adds a bright pop of color. But the judges long for a front-of-fireplace seating area: \"It's just a shame I can't spend a little more time there,\" says John. All Kevin provides is an awkward floating coffee table.

  • Before: Dated Furniture

    The family's bulky sofa,generic rug and blank walls don't make a statement.

  • Brown Sectional Sofa Dressed with Trendy Pillows

    After: Modern and Personalized

    Kevin uses virtually the same layout, but buys a warm brown sectional sofa and dresses it up with personal photos and trendy pillows.

  • The Judges: No Space Plan

    \"I'm really confused about the space plan,\" says Vern. \"Can you imagine how this sectional is going to work? Three people are squished facing the TV.\" John agrees: \"Kevin, you have a real weakness with space planning.\"

  • The Big Reveal

    Kevin is so excited about revealing the room that he talks over the homeowners during his whole camera challenge. \"You cannot bulldoze. That was an absolute attack,\" says Genevieve.

  • Goodbye, Kevin

    Kevin's space planning and over-the-top camera challenge made the judges say \"We will not be producing your show.\" See what he has to say about his camera challenge (\"It even scared me a little\") and why he's proud of himself for getting this far.

  • Leslie Tackles a 2-Year-Old's Room

    The couple's younger son, Kyan, likes to perform, so the family requests a stage theme for the room.

  • Designing From the Heart

    Leslie runs with the stage theme. \"The only thing I can really give, if I'm working with a child, is to help that child get their artist within, out,\" she says.

  • Before: No Character

    This room was devoid of personal touches; it was purely a place to sleep.

  • After: Personality to Spare

    Leslie's design is pulled in many directions, but she creates lots of character. \"It's almost like a collection of crazy moments, everywhere. There's nothing really kind of pulling it together,\" says Vern.

  • After: Under-Window Storage

    A window seat serves as storage for Kyan's toys and stuffed animals.

  • Before: Bland Bed

    Kyan's bed has no theme or overarching color scheme.

  • After: Too Much of a Good Thing

    Leslie adds a new bedspread, headboard bold paint color, but nothing holds it together. \"There's way too much going on, and none of it was executed at the leve we expect at this point,\" says John.

  • After: Scattered Personality

    \"I love the fact that she's personalized the room with his name, but no two letters are at the same height or angle,\" says Vern.

  • After: Photo Bedspread

    Leslie creates a custom bedspread using photos of Kyan's most precious moments.

  • Before: An Empty Entry

    This room's blank-slate entryway needs to be jazzed up.

  • After: It's Showtime!

    Leslie fulfills the homeowners' request for a stage, but it doesn't seem like it's professionally made.

  • Show's Over

    Leslie used a hula hoop to create the curtain rod for the stage, which gives it a cheap look. \"It looks really homemade,\" says Vern.

  • Lights Out, Leslie

    In a surprise double elimination, Leslie also goes home this week. Disappointed in herself, she says: \"I didn't deliver, and I thought I could. It's called Design Star, not design mediocre.\" See what else she has to say about being eliminated.

  • Mark Takes on the Formal Living and Dining Space

    The couple wants their formal living and dining areas to have a loungy, dark, jazz club feel that's great for entertaining.

  • Consulting the Mentor

    Mark decides to play up his strengths and incorporate wood elements into the room. \"I love working with wood. It's warm, and it's inviting,\" says Mark.

  • Before: Leftovers in the Dining Room

    This Deco-inspired furniture is a carry-over from the couple's last home.

  • After: Hungry For Nature

    A rough-hewn table is the centerpiece of this naturally-inspired dining room. Dark wood floors and chairs help the table stand out.

  • The Judges' Take

    \"The live edge on the table is stunningly beautiful. I could live in this room right here,\" gushes John.

  • After: A Hint of the Outdoors

    Antlers fashioned into a candleholder make a stunning centerpice for this dining space.

  • After: Extra Seating

    Mark adds a natural-edged bench next to the dining table in case guests spill in from the adjacent living area.

  • After: Salvaged Materials

    A divider made of salvaged lumber divides the living and dining spaces.

  • Before: Too-White Living Room

    This clinical space doesn't exude warmth or personality.

  • After: Cozy Jazz Club

    Mark paints the walls a cool blue and outfitts the space with plush furnishings. \"I thought your furniture choices were fantastic; it was just absolutely inviting,\" says Genevieve.

  • Before: Faux Fireplace

    A strage faux fireplace is the only thing of interest on this wall.

  • After: Stunning Record Wall

    Because the couple loves music, Mark creates a custom record installation. \"The record wall...stunning,\" says Vern.

  • After: Plush Pillows

    Trendy pillows pop against a neutral taupe sofa.

  • After: Pops of Color

    A whimsical horse head adorns the coffee table.

  • Mark's Finished Living Room

    \"I am in love with this room. I almost want to ask the Bashkoffs if I can move in with them, because I don't want to leave,\" says Mark. The judges feel the same way — Mark is safe again this week.

  • Meg Makes Over the Foyer

    The homeowners are open to almost anything in the foyer. \"We just have no idea,\" says Nikki. However, they would like an updated chandelier.

  • Custom Artwork

    To dress up the bland entryway, Meg works on a custom modern art piece.

  • Before: A Blank Slate

    The high ceilings dwarf the foyer's only element, a sad houseplant.

  • After: Full of Life

    A lantern wall and a table make this home look welcoming and lived-in.

  • After: A Bright Spot

    The judges like Meg's lantern cluster, but don't like the fact that it is crooked.

  • Before: A Blank Wall

    Nothing adorns the staircase sidewall.

  • After: A Modern Art Showpiece

    Meg's custom artwork pops against the neutral gray walls.

  • Before: Wasted Space

    The large stair landing was completely empty.

  • After: Family Reading Nook

    Meg creates the perfect place for bedtime stories, with chairs, pillows and an ottoman with built-in storage. \"I remember playing on my landing as a little kid, and I’m excited to give them these wonderful memories,\" Meg says.

  • After: Family Memories

    Meg frames family photos to create a space that reminds the family of great times together.

  • After: A New Chandelier

    Replacing the '80s model that came with the house, this sophisticated chandelier contines the lantern theme from the base of the foyer.

  • Before: A Blank Stairway

    More white space greets the homeowners when they reach the top of the stairs.

  • After: Unfinished Styling

    Meg didn't have time to style this side of the landing. \"It's a little sparse. Feels a little incomplete,\" says Vern. \"It looks like it was done in an hour,\" says John.

  • Meg in the Finished Space

    \"I feel totally defeated and I didn't accomplish what I know I'm capable of,\" Meg says of her unfinished space. The judges decide to give Meg a chance to redeem herself in next week's challenge.

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