Design Star Season 6: Photo Highlights From Episode 5

This week's test: Build a dream kitchen from scratch. Browse before-and-afters and peek behind the scenes of episode five.

Contestants with Host on HGTV Design Star 6

The Ultimate Dream Kitchen Challenge

This week, the designers take on their toughest challenge yet — build a dream kitchen in one of the four most popular styles in America: L-shaped, U-shaped, galley and peninsula.

Design Star Kitchen Challenge Starts from Scratch

Starting From Scratch

\"I walk around the corner, and I see...white boxes? Is this another white box challenge?\" Kevin wonders. To make things even harder, the design teams must start the kitchens from scratch, selecting everything from the floors to the appliances to the light fixtures.

Choosing Kitchen Design Based on Teapot Selection

Choose a Design Style

The contestants must choose a teapot that will guide the style of their kitchen, from global and industrial to contemporary and farmhouse.

Designers, Kevin Grace and Meg Caswell, on Set

Bold Moves

Partners Meg and Kevin show mentor David Bromstad their daring color choices: brick red and citron yellow. He worries about the rest of the groups: \"Three out of the four kitchens are fairly safe. Will they be beautiful? Absolutely. Will they be inspiring? That’s another story,\" David says.

Designer, Karl Sponholtz, Chooses Chandelier

The Perfect Chandelier

Though Karl is paired with shopping-happy Cathy, he manages to get out long enough to find a stunning, clean-lined chandelier for their contemporary kitchen.

Mark Diaz Uses Craftsman Saw on Job Site

Straightening the Edges

Mark trims slices of laminate flooring that will become a backsplash in his and Kellie's farmhouse-style kitchen.

Tyler Wisler Uses Craftsman Miter Saw on Challenge

Finding the Curves

Tyler turns the natural curves in this piece of wood into custom cabinet hardware for the global kitchen he's working on with Leslie.

Leslie Ezelle Cleans Cork Flooring with Windex

Leslie Adds the Finishing Touches

Leslie cleans the cork flooring in the dreamy, eclectic kitchen to make it shine.

Tyler Wisler and Leslie Ezelle in Global Kitchen

Leslie and Tyler's Global Kitchen

Tyler and Leslie use dark cabinets and cork flooring to create a well-traveled look in their L-shaped space.

Leslie Ezelle and Tyler Wisler Finished Kitchen

Unfinished Elements

Though the judges agree that the space screams \"global,\" unfinished elements like the missing behind-the-sink backsplash and strange batik-inspired wall bring this room down a notch.

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator on Kitchen Challenge

Fun and Functional

A central island creates ample workspace in this whimsical kitchen.

Stainless Kenmore Appliances in New Kitchen

Tile Backsplash

The reflective tile backsplash adds subtle shine to this kitchen's workspace.

Naturally Curved Wooden Pulls were Custom Designed

Custom Cabinet Hardware

To give the kitchen international style, Tyler ditches the stock cabinet hardware in favor of these naturally-curved wooden pulls.

Global Lighting Fixture Adds Glamour to Kitchen

Leslie’s Chandelier

The judges love Leslie's blingy light fixture, which adds a touch of glamour to this space.

Designer, Leslie Ezelle, Talks with David Bromstad

Prepping for Camera

Each designer also records a 60-second kitchen tip; the winner is featured right here on! Front-of-the-camera pro David Bromstad gives Leslie tips to keep her on-screen energy up.

Seating Area Too Small for Wood Slab Top Table

Dining Gone Wrong

The judges aren't impressed by Tyler's choice of seating in the dining area. \"If you're going to have this monumentally scaled slab of wood, then your chairs have to be scaled accordingly,\" Vern says. The tiny bench just doesn't cut it.

Designer, Tyler Wisler, Talks with David Bromstad

Tyler Falls Flat

Tyler gives a scattered camera performance this week, going through the promo without talking about the room’s design style, cabinets, floors or configuration. \"It's a design network. We want to hear about your design,\" David says.

Kellie Clements and Mark Diaz in Farmhouse Kitchen

Kellie and Mark's Farmhouse-Inspired Kitchen

The designing duo built this warm, inviting kitchen with traditional farmhouse style in mind. \"I'm drawn to farmhouse because I think it most closely emulates a kitchen that a family would actually be in,\" says Kellie.

Variety of Dining Chairs Give Lived In Feel

Mismatched Chairs

Kellie uses several different types of dining chairs in order to give the space a lived-in feel.

Kellie Clements and David Bromstad Discuss Plan

Kellie uses several different types of dining chairs in order to give the space a lived-in feel.

David loves Kellie's warm, personable promo, but she ends more than 10 seconds before time is up. \"I'm terrified that this mistake could send me home,\" says Kellie.

Kellie Clements Creates Cabbage Candle Holders

Edible Tablescape

Kellie carved out the centers of cabbage heads to turn them into simple, stylish candleholders.

Farmhouse Styled Kitchen has Relaxed Look and Feel

Cozy Farmhouse Feel

This galley kitchen is wide enough to house a table in the center, so a family could gather here while the parents cook.

Farmhouse Kitchen Finished on HGTVs Design Star 6

Dueling Backsplashes

Because of time constraints, Mark and Kellie use both tile and distressed wood-printed laminate for two different sides of the backsplash. \"It needs to be one or the other,\" says Vern.

Stainless Steel Backsplash from HGTV Design Star 6

Old and New

The shining stainless steel backsplash juxtaposes against the weathered wood wall, giving this traditional-style kitchen a little splash of modernity.

Distressed, Airy Chandeliers Trendy and Timeless

Mark's Light Fixture Find

Vern falls for these distressed, airy chandeliers that look both trendy and timeless all at once.

Subway Backsplash Tile HGTV Design Star 6 Kitchen

Penny Tile Backsplash

Behind the sink, the other half the backsplash is made up of understated penny tile.

Worn Dinner Bell Used as Decorative Accent


This worn dinner bell looks like a passed-down family heirloom.

Tulips in Farm Crate Used in Design Star 6 Kitchen

A Pop of Color

Tulips add color to the space, while the farm crate evokes a fresh-from-the-garden feel.

Designers, Karl Sponholtz and Cathy Hobbs, on HGTV

Karl and Cathy's Contemporary Kitchen

Karl and Cathy's design styles and ideas mesh well for their U-shaped kitchen, but things come to a head at the end of the challenge over Cathy's styling of the room.

Modern Kitchen Space Designed on Kitchen Challenge

Clean Lines, Cluttered Counters

Minimalist furnishings and lighting keep this space modern, but the Cathy's over-accessorized surfaces give it a cluttered look. \"I'm seeing all kinds of things in this room I don’t want, but it's too late to fight at this point,\" Karl says.

Cathy Hobbs Kitchen Heavy on Accessories

Cathy's Accessory Overload

\"When I look at this kitchen, there is no space for me,\" says Genevieve. Vern adds: \"Is there anything left at the grocery store?\"

Contemporary Table Setting in Kitchen Challenge

Contemporary Table

Simple, subdued chairs give the rough-hewn table a chance to be the star of this dining area.

Designer, Cathy Hobbs, on HGTV Design Star 6

Cathy's Camera Challenge

Despite her over-styling, Cathy's on-camera skills gave her the edge in the Camera Challenge. She won this week's prize — a chance to be featured right here! Watch her video now.

Designers, Kevin Grace and Meg Caswell, Together

Kevin and Meg's Loft-Inspired Kitchen

This daring duo decided to go big in their industrial-style peninsula kitchen with bold colors and bright accessories.

Designer, Meg Caswell, Using Drill Driver on Set

Meg Thrives

\"Knowing the layout of what a kitchen should be is essential to being a great designer,\" Meg says as she breezes through the challenge and puts the finishing touches on some of her kitchen's hardware.

Designer, Kevin Grace, Cleans on HGTV Design Star

Kevin Goes Kid-Friendly

Kevin decides to style the shelving area with toys, drawings and notes. \"I want to make sure to include some kid-friendly items, because this room is very much about a mom making a salad with little Sassy over in her corner drawing,\" says Kevin.

Designer, Meg Caswell, on HGTV Design Star 6

Meg Gets Creative

Meg decides to create a hanging pot display. \"There are so many kitchens around the country where you don't have the room for all the pots and pans, but you have wall space,\" Meg says.

Bright Colors Give Kitchen Young, Edgy Vibe

Industrial Chic Kitchen

Bright colors and non-traditional materials give this space a young, edgy vibe.

Restaurant Style Steel Utensil Holders and Dishes

Colorful Dishes

Restaurant-style steel untensil holders paired with bright serving dishes create a kitchen with both feminine and masculine touches.

Peg Board Turned Pot Wall in Kitchen Challenge

Meg's Pot and Pan Wall

Paula is a fan of the peg board turned pot wall: \"I want to be able to reach and grab, my pots hanging in front of my stove,\" she says.

Industrial Kitchen Island on Wheels

Versatile Island

The kitchen island is on wheels, which means it can be moved aside or repurposed for other activities in an apartment with limited space.

Nature Inspired Plates in Industrial Setting

A Table for Three

Nature-inspired plates and soft napkins juxtapose the harsh metals of this industrial-style space.

Exposed Bulbs Hang from Brightly Colored Cords

A Bright Idea

Exposed bulbs hanging from brightly-colored cords create a warehouse look.

Hammered Metal Vases

Industrial-Chic Vases

Hammered metal vases add a bit of shine to this kitchen.

Tool Shelving and Red Stools in Industrial Kitchen

Kevin's Office Nook

The judges love Kevin's use of tool shelving in this kitchen, but question his styling choices.

No Play Zone Designed for Kitchen Organization

No-Play Zone

\"Nobody's dream is to have their kids' stuff strewn all over the kitchen,\" Vern says. \"Just because it's supposed to look lived-in doesn't mean it has to look messy.\"

Designer, Kevin Grace, on HGTV Design Star 6

Kevin's Camera Challenge

Kevin nails the 60-second limit for his camera challenge, but David still feels his delivery is a little forced. \"You're racing. Take your time, breath a little bit,\" David says.

 HGTV Design Star Season 6 Designer Tyler Wisler

Tyler, It's Time to Go

Tyler's lackluster camera challenge and botched batik wall ultimately lead the judges to cancel his show this week. Watch what he has to say about his exit.

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