Judges' Tips: Finale

Design Star judges Candice Olson and Vern Yip share decorating tips for selecting the right color palette and how to unify a room.

  • emily hendersons living room sophisticated design

    Select Colors to Compliment Your Surroundings

    The cool, quiet palette of grays, taupe and white, accented with polished chrome, mirror and glass, is pure Manhattan sophistication. — Candice Olson

  • emily hendersons living room sophisticated design

    Match Your (or Your Client's) Personality

    In creating an apartment for Tom, Emily naturally walks us through her concept, easily conveying her translation with candor and in a conversational tone. The end result is a tailored space that is a real reflection of Tom's essence and style. — Vern Yip

  • emily hendersons accessories were well grouped

    The Right Accessories are Key

    The contemporary, pared down lines of the furniture put the emphasis on what Emily does so well: accessorizing and styling. Groupings and collections play a leading role when the stage is so thoughtfully simple and restrained, inviting the eye to linger and explore each item's contrasting texture, shape or finish. — Candice Olson

  • emily hendersons bedroom design for finale

    Mix It Up Visually

    In the bedroom, things are a bit clunky with the bed, the large art and the draping of solid fabric at the head of the bed all reading as the same solid visual weight. An eclectic, gallery grouping of wall art would have brought some lightness and relief and allowed Emily to flex her stylist muscle once again. — Candice Olson

  • michael moeller bedroom design for final project

    Unifty a Space With Finishes

    Although each room has a very defined character, colors and patterns — even wood and metallic finishes — unify the space so it reads as one cohesive apartment. — Candice Olson

  • michael moeller bedroom design for final project

    Get Creative With Fabric

    The wall divider with a built-in curve serves wonderfully well as both sculpture and room divider. The ingenious employment of fabric over stretchers showcases how to easily create a one-of-a-kind headboard of impressive magnitude, and the complete control of a fuchsia and gray color palette is a perfect solution for a small space that demands an injection of something bold. — Vern Yip

  • michael moeller living room design for first home

    Make the Most of Your View

    I am puzzled by the use of solid drapery fabric that completely obscures the view outside and makes an already small apartment seem even smaller. Even as a room divider, gauzy sheer fabric would have provided the privacy Michael was after and added an intriguing sense of mystery. — Candice Olson

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