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Tom Vecchione

From Cairo to Tokyo, Tom Vecchione is a designer on a global scale. His desire to give design meaning, coupled with his staunch adherence to "re-new, reuse and refurbish," has made him a leader in his field.

Age: 47

New York, NY

For 24 years, Tom has worked at one of the world’s largest architecture firms. As a design director, he regularly oversees projects for international clientele, many with building budgets in excess of $100 million. His parents encouraged his creativity, leading Tom to study architecture at Cornell and earning a bachelor’s degree in architecture at The New York Institute of Technology. Friends and co-workers describe Tom as a leader and compare his personality to a Jackson Pollack painting: bright, vibrant and filled with dynamic energy. Although he has an established career doing what he loves, Tom says his experience, energy and ability to thrive under pressure will make him a standout competitor on HGTV Design Star All Stars.

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