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Courtland Bascon

Self-taught designer Courtland claims to have attended "the university of HGTV," which inspired him to become a designer.

Age: 38

Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.

Raised in a strict household in Boston, Courtland says his family discouraged him from studying the arts or expressing his natural creativity. As a teen, however, Courtland convinced his mother to let him take art classes and, once enrolled, his passion for design was born. Like many of his 10 siblings, Courtland spent years working with his father in the family’s masonry business. He credits this work and his world travels for his knowledge and appreciation of architecture and design. With a specialty in painting and faux finishing, Courtland says he is “in it to win it” and wants to become the next HGTV Design Star. Courtland, whose fiancé says he is charming, positive and a hard worker, believes that his ability to be a good team player will help him win the competition.

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