Bright Yellow Kitchen Goes Cool Contemporary

A bright yellow kitchen with an awkward layout and challenging architectural design was begging for a makeover, and designer Lauren Bland found the perfect solutions.

  • Mountainous Terrain

    Mountainous Terrain

    Before the redesign, too many windows and doors breaking up the space looked awkward in the bright yellow kitchen. The off-center window above the sink was a design nightmare that needed to be remedied.

  • Awkward Architecture

    Awkward Architecture

    Peaks and valleys in the ceiling were a distracting element in the kitchen that the homeowner worried could not be rectified.

  • Tricking the Eye

    Tricking the Eye

    In this stunning contemporary kitchen, distracting ceiling lines and awkward angles are no longer a concern. By incorporating gorgeous rustic beams and low-voltage lighting tracks with pin-spotting heads, designer Lauren Bland believes she was able to trick the eye and rectify the strange architectural details from the before kitchen without actually having to change the architecture.

  • Asian Contemporary

    Asian Contemporary

    The kitchen's new look was designed to \"fool the eye\" away from the awkward ceiling using gorgeous wooden beams. Overall, the homeowner hoped for a contemporary look with Asian flair, a nod to her family's heritage.

  • Cooking Station

    Cooking Station

    \"The main cooking area boasts a 36-inch Wolf range and a custom-designed stainless ventilation hood, which has gorgeous little button details,\" says designer Lauren Bland.

  • Wine Cooler

    Wine Cooler

    A 24-inch wine cooler in the peninsula was a bonus feature in this stunning kitchen that features state-of-the-art appliances.

  • Cooking Kitchen

    Cooking Kitchen

    Closed Cabinets and open shelving offer plenty of storage in this Asian contemporary kitchen, and the large 27-inch Sub-Zero fridge stores tons of fresh food, perfect for a homeowner who loves to cook.

  • Morning Routine

    Morning Routine

    Giving this morning ritual its own station makes a cup of coffee feel like a special treat every morning.

  • Coffee Station

    Coffee Station

    A coffee station with Asian accents brings just the right amount of oriental style to the contemporary kitchen.

  • Fossilized Stone

    Fossilized Stone

    According to designer Lauren Bland, the homeowner's young son picked out the fossilized stone for the coffee table. \"When visitors come by, he introduces them to each of the ancient animals and creatures that are “living” in the kitchen,\" says Lauren.

  • Backsplash Decision

    Backsplash Decision

    Though it took a while to settle on just the right backsplash for this contemporary kitchen remodel, the final decision was a sculpted limestone tile that could not be more beautiful.

  • Rhythmic Backsplash

    Rhythmic Backsplash

    According to Lauren, the sculpted limestone tile used for the backsplash \"has a physical undulation to it and creates a visual rhythm in the space.\"

  • Simple Cooking

    Simple Cooking

    Cooking dinner is made even easier when the oven is flanked by pull-out pantries that store all the necessary spices and condiments.

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