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How to Make Kitchen Chair Seat Covers

Give your chair an updated look with this economical project.

If your kitchen chair needs a fresh look, it helps to know how to make kitchen chair seat covers. A new seat cover is a great, economical way to give a kitchen chair an update.

You can add a seat cover to your kitchen chair whether or not the chair has a cushioned, fabric-covered seat. You can also make simple cushions that tie into place. Cushion or not, you'll need to consider a few things before you get started making them.

First, it's important to consider the shape of the chair seat. The shape of the seat will determine not only the amount of fabric you'll need, but also what patterns in fabric you will want to look at and how you will make the seat. Also consider what type of fabric you'll want. A material that is machine washable is ideal, especially if you have children. Home decorating fabric, chintz, canvas, denim and other medium- or heavy-weight fabrics are good choices. Also consider what color and/or pattern you want in your fabric. When you peruse the fabric store, think about whether you want your chair covers to blend with the rest of your kitchen or provide a color pop.

If your chair seat is round, it will be easier to fashion a tie-on seat cover than it will be to actually reupholster the chair seat. No matter what geometric shape your chair's seat is in, you will first need to make a pattern of that shape. Include the width and the depth of your chair seat, and add about a half-inch for the seam allowance; add another inch if you plan to make cushioned seats.

If you are making a simple cover (with no cushion), cut the fabric to the size needed, and also cut fabric to be the liner on the bottom of the seat cover. If you want a skirt to hang on three sides of the chair (or all four sides if the back skirt can fit through the chair's back), cut about six inches of top fabric and liner fabric for that. Sew the pieces together, then put together ties to hold the cover in place.

To get your cushion, sew three sides of the cushion together, then add batting as desired, finally sewing shut the last side. For a finished look, you can add piping to the sides. You can also add ties or, for a more streamlined look, ribbon straps with Velcro to hold the cushions in place.

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