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Painted Kitchen Chairs

For an instant color pop, slip chairs painted in a beautiful color under your kitchen table.

Few things can add a color pop in your cooking space like painted kitchen chairs slid under your kitchen table, island or breakfast bar. There is a wide range of styles to choose from as well, depending on your decorating preferences.

Painted chairs can enhance a country kitchen look with sunny or warm tones. Even chairs made in a country style get a touch of sophistication when painted black. To create the look of a beach house, choose a bright blue or aqua shade. Love the sun? Choose yellow chairs. White chairs with a distressed finish will give you a shabby chic look. For a classic country look, choose a subtle color wash in white or black.

You can also find metal chairs painted in a variety of colors. You'll find the widest range of shades with aluminum chairs. The simple lines of aluminum diner chairs get a fresh look in a favorite solid or an interesting pattern or design. This look works with a contemporary, modern or eclectic decor.

You can also find wrought iron chairs in colors other than black. For a French country look with a light touch, look for white wrought iron chairs that feature curved lines on the chair back. Wrought iron chairs designed with straight lines and painted in earth tones such as terra cotta can help create a Southwest look. To bring the look of a garden into your kitchen's eating nook, choose chairs painted in bright red, yellow, or any other color seen in flower petals.

If you don't see the exact color you want, you can paint your chairs yourself. This gives you ultimate control over your kitchen colors. Do you have a collection of chairs that are different styles? You can create a unified but interesting look by painting them all the same color. Or paint chairs of the same style in a rainbow of colors for a good dose of whimsy. You can also find chairs with any number of artistic designs painted on the backs or seats. If you have an artistic streak, you can use these surfaces as a canvas for your own unique works of art.

While many home furnishing stores carry painted chairs, for a unique look you'll want to check local shops or websites that sell hand-painted pieces. You can work with an artist to create a motif that you like. Check interior designer shops for chairs that are painted to be works of art, with a collection of stripes, polka dots, and other shapes and a mix of colors.

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