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Kitchen Island Chairs

Determine the best seating for your island with kitchen island chairs that are as attractive as they are practical.

What are the best chairs to outfit a kitchen island? Take a cue from the island itself before making a purchase.

Islands that look like fine furniture, with elaborate edging or glimmering stone countertops, may dictate the need for sturdy, backed chairs with upholstered seats. Islands designed for entertaining (who among us doesn't congregate around the kitchen at a party?) would be served well by slimmer chairs (or stools) that provide for ample elbow room without taking up too much precious space.

Kitchen island chairs come in as many shapes and sizes as dining chairs, so the key, as with any purchasing decision, is to look for models that will complement the kitchen's overall style without competing for attention.

Quality round stools, for instance, painted in a similar color as the island baseboard, allow the chairs to discretely recede into the island. Sinuous, curved chairs, on the other hand, can provide a great visual counterpart to big, blocky islands—and make a design statement. Island chairs are also a great way to bring in a new, or unexpected surface, like metal or Lucite.

Finally, when choosing the right seating for your kitchen island, don't forget that comfort is key. Families who spend a great deal of time in the kitchen may enjoy lounge-worthy chairs. If the kitchen is adjacent to another room, or offers a view of the TV, consider using swivel chairs.

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