Revamped Modern Kitchen

Designer Shirry Dolgin redesigns a contemporary-style kitchen, doubling the storage and creating a more functional work area.

  • Streamlined and Contemporary

    The room's long, narrow dimensions is turned into a positive by playing up the length with long tiles, the fabric for the bench, the grain of the cabinetry and the open shelving above. Photography by Erika Bierman

  • Pro-Quality Stove

    Landing spots for hot stuff on either side of the range is crucial for serious cooks. The range was also set apart from other kitchen appliances and the table to make it the go-to work zone. Photography by Erika Bierman

  • Make the Most of Every Nook

    Cabinetry installed around the refrigerator adds a finished living room-style look to the kitchen. A sliver of extra space on the other side was cleverly designed for a cookbook section. Photography by Erika Bierman

  • Cozy Dining Spot

    Building in a banquette for extra seating saves space and upholstering the back makes for extra comfort for meals. The red chairs are easy to wipe clean, another plus in kitchen design, and the round dining table conserves space — more than a rectangular table would. Photography by Erika Bierman

  • Maximize Storage

    Running a row of open cabinetry above the windows maximizes the normally wasted space but also allows homeowners to display favorite items for a dressier look in the eating section of the room. Photography by Erika Bierman

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