Rustic Transitional Kitchen

Designer Richard T. Anuszkiewicz relied on a multi-colored rustic design to create a transitional kitchen and living area.

  • Multi-Purpose Space

    The new kitchen allows room for food preparation, storage and even an eat-in dining area.

  • Mix-and-Match Colors

    Designer Richard T. Anuszkiewicz used a variety of bold colors on the kitchen island and cabinetry to create a lively design.

  • Country Appeal

    The green-gray tone of some of the kitchen cabinets adds a rustic look to the space.

  • Overhead Lighting

    Overhead pendant lights illuminate the kitchen island.

  • Drawer Space

    Spacious drawers make it easy to organize kitchen tools and appliances.

  • Room for More

    Convenient storage in the kitchen pantry and refrigerator allow for plenty of room to store food items.

  • Convenient Stove Faucet

    A faucet above the stove makes it easy to fill pots with water.

  • Hidden Refrigerator

    A refrigerator enclosed by cabinets creates a seamless kitchen design.

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