Cottage Kitchen With Modern Style

Designer Rachael Franceschina redesigns a small kitchen in an English cottage with an updated look and plenty of storage solutions.

  • Small Space Solutions

    The white walls and glossy white cabinets make the space appear larger while every surface is utilized to maximize space, such as the wall-mounted knife rack and a magnetic message center on the end of a cabinet.

  • Extra Line of Storage

    An extra line of upper cabinets was added to this small kitchen by removing an old soffit. The countertops and backsplash are by Caesarstone.

  • Modern Updates

    Whirlpool stainless steel appliances and Ikea Abstrakt kitchen cabinets help to modernize this 1920s kitchen.

  • The Original 1920s Kitchen

    The old soffit prevented the original upper cabinets to extend to the ceiling while the window arch made the space feel dated.

  • Space Above

    The cabinets above the refrigerator sat lower and offered less storage space before the remodel.

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