Mission Makeover: DIY Kitchen Island

HGTV Magazine shows you how to repurpose a secondhand console table into a custom kitchen island. See how the newly painted furniture piece on casters creates extra space for kitchen organization and cooking.

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  • Before: Boring Old Console Table

    It took less than 30 minutes of perusing craigslist.com to come across a well-made console table that was looking for a new home. (Cost: $75)

  • After: Presto Chango!

    With its long, slim top and lower shelf, the table could quickly be turned into a kitchen workstation — one that wouldn't take up much space. This makeover didn't require major construction skills, just some savvy shopping for a new surface for the top, hardware, casters and paint. (Cost: $265) See how they did it with this step-by-step guide.

  • Kitchen Tabletop

    To make it a functional food prep space, it needed a new top. This one had 1/2 inch-thick polyethylene (a common material for cutting boards) cut to the dimensions of the console's top ($66 for a 48-inch-by-16-inch) piece, cuttingboardcompany.com). You can also try butcher block, granite or marble, but they cost more.

  • Color and Casters

    The entire table was primed and then painted with a semigloss latex, which can be wiped down in case of food splatters. After it dried, casters were added to the bottom of each leg. (Paint Color: Edamame by HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams)

  • Easy Organization

    On one end of the table, a wall pocket ($20, www.containerstore.com) was screwed into the apron of the table. The pocket is great for holding cookbooks, magazines or a cookbook stand.

  • Cushion With Cork

    A cork shelf liner was cut to fit the interior of the drawer. This helps cushion knives, peelers and other utensils stashed in there.

  • Space-Saving Trick

    A curtain rod was mounted using the hardware it comes with, between the legs at the table's end opposite the wall pocket. Then S-hooks were hung from the rod for utensils.

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