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Reclaimed-Wood Wall Shelves

Make rustic wood wall shelves in minutes from discarded pallets to keep cookbooks, dishes, bottles and other kitchen accessories within reach.

Ana White,
Wooden Kitchen Shelf by Designer Ana White

Materials Needed:

  • discarded wood pallet (will create 2 wall shelves)
  • 1x4 board, 72" long
  • (24) 2" finish nails
  • jigsaw with wood-cutting blade
  • measuring tape
  • hammer or pneumatic nailer
  • picture-frame mounting kit
  • screwdriver
  • safety glasses
  • hearing protection

Cut Pallet

Wearing safety glasses and ear protection, cut pallet into three pieces as shown in photo. Two pallet shelves can be made from each pallet.

  • Reclaimed Wood Shelves Step 1
  • Reclaimed Wood Shelves Step 1

Measure Bottom of Pallet Shelf

Measure all openings on bottoms of pallet shelves. Cut 1x4 boards to these measurements.

Reclaimed Wood Shelves Step 2

Attach Shelf Bottoms

Nail 1x4 boards to the inside of the pallet shelves with 2-inch finish nails. Tip: Use a pneumatic nailer as shown in photograph for faster results.

Reclaimed Wood Shelves Step 3

Hang Shelf

Attach the picture-hanging kit to the back of the pallet shelf. Follow kit's instructions to hang shelf on the wall. Tip: Alternately, the shelf can be screwed directly to a stud in the wall, located with a stud finder. Mark location. With 2-1/2-inch screws, screw directly through back of pallet shelf into marked stud in wall.

Reclaimed Wood Shelves Step 4
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