A Modest-Sized Kitchen Gets Modern Pizzazz and Practicality

Designer Kim Myles transforms a boring white kitchen into a modern space with a vintage twist.

  • Before: Not Enough Space

    This boring uninspiring kitchen is less than ideal for entertaining.

  • After: Modern Yet Retro

    Kim creates a fun hangout for friends, as well as a space that inspires the homeowners. With a color palette of white, black and red, she designs a kitchen that mixes modern with the traditional.

  • Vintage Stove

    Kim updates the vintage stove with a modern hood. The stove and its new hood are the perfect example of the style blend in this kitchen — modern and retro.

  • Simple Statements

    Kim recommends keeping everything scaled and slimmed down in a smaller space. No hangout would be complete without seating, so she brings in a Barcelona chair and a couple of stools for the counter.

    Makeover Information
    Total: $8,050
    Furniture: $4,325
    Lighting: $335
    Paint & Supplies: $226
    Build Project: $715
    Window Treatment: $160
    Accessories: $2,130
    DIY Textured Art: $40
    - Texture Paint: $6
    - Canvases $27 (for 3)
    - Acrylic Paint and Silver Foil: $7
    Flowers: $159

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