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Install a Tile Wallpaper Backsplash

Instead of using tile, try cutting pieces of wallpaper in interesting shapes to make a durable and washable backsplash.

Materials and Tools: 

paint for base coat
craft knife
straight edge
cutting mat
water-based polyurethane


1. Start by making sketches of the area and trying different sizes of tiles. The featured project places them on the diagonal to add even more pattern to the kitchen. There is a pattern of one full and one half rows.

2. Apply the base coat paint. Once dry, draw very light vertical pencil lines to use as a guide to make sure the pieces are straight.

3. Cut wallpaper pieces out of the desired patterns. Dip each in a bucket of lukewarm water and secure it to the wall according to the pencil lines.

4. Allow the paper to dry for several days, and then apply several layers of water-based polyurethane to make it washable.

If the countertop extends beyond the upper cabinets, go the full length of the counter and make a nice corner of paint and paper pieces to meet the upper cabinet. 

Extend the backsplash design to the ceiling between the window over the sink and the upper cabinets for a finished look.

Even though one would expect a tile backsplash to continue over to the small cabinet by the fridge, the flow of regular wallpaper would be chopped up and make the area look even smaller so leave it in the main pattern.

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