12 Creative and Colorful Designer Kitchens

If you have an appetite for bold color, take a look at 12 vibrant kitchens from Designers' Portfolio.

  • Enameled Cabinets in Elegant Kitchen

    Fresh Greens

    This kitchen's unique use of color against the taupe cabinetry and pale accessories is both unexpected and elegant. Fresh green walls extend to the ceiling and to the upholstery of the barstools. Green is also reflected in the island's centerpiece. Design by Shelly Riehl David

  • colorful contemporary carefree kitchen

    Artistic Visions

    This kitchen reflects the owner's love for artistic expression. Custom cabinetry made from hand-painted exotic woods creates a creative palette for the space. Stainless steel appliances and hardware work to give the kitchen its contemporary feel. Design by Lou Ann Bauer

  • Eclectic Blue Kitchen with Peacock Ceiling

    Peacock Hues

    A unique peacock feather painted on the ceiling sets the color scheme for this transitional kitchen. The pretty blues of the mural are reflected in the soft wall color and seating, and bursts of orange are found scattered throughout the space. All of the colors are effectively pulled together in the tiled floor and artwork. Design by Ken Kelly

  • Reflective Stainless Steel in Modern Kitchen

    Modern Aubergine

    Even the slightest touch of color can make a bold statement. Dark wood cabinetry is toned down by the pale-green glass backsplash and the white granite countertops. Lavender chairs and a flowing violet flower arrangement deliver a lively touch of color to this modern kitchen. Design by Daniel Bodenmiller

  • Avram Rusu Modern Kitchen

    Crisp Orange

    A gorgeous burnt orange adds warmth to this modern kitchen. With crisp stainless steel countertops and white lacquered cabinetry, walnut floors, orange seating and a focal point wall of natural stone balance the modern, sleek look of the kitchen. Design by Andreea Avram Rusu

  • Blue and White Kitchen

    Glamorous Blues

    Solid white walls provide a perfect backdrop for vibrant royal-blue cabinets. Strands of blue are also seen through the Azul Macubas granite countertops. Touches of glamour are in the hanging quartz light fixtures that separate the rich blue from the connected golden-yellow dining area. Design by Alia Meyer

  • Southwestern Themed Decorative Accents Create Warm Atmosphere

    Splash of Color

    A neutral wall color is the backdrop for this transitional kitchen designed with a Southwestern flair. A mix of light and dark wood tones combines well with subtle green dining chairs. Bright orange flower arrangements and a yellow fruit arrangement lend a sunny splash of color. Design by Amy Bubier

  • kitchen renovation blends old with new

    Retro Twist

    Jaymes Richardson's design took this 1920s cottage and gave it a modern twist through use of color, eclectic furnishings and updated cabinetry. Bright coral chandeliers and matching chairs are the primary focal point of the kitchen, and a green tile backsplash complements the mostly black and white space.

  • colorful kitchen design is family friendly

    Blended Basics

    This contemporary kitchen gets its burst of color from the unique cabinetry, tileworks and furnishings. Light wood paired with deep-blue cabinet details and barstools provides a bold contrast. Mixed with the other colors, the overall effect is eye-opening and aesthetically pleasing. Design by Lou Ann Bauer

  • chinese red accents kitchen

    Red Statement

    This contemporary kitchen's red walls create a bold color statement. Covered with an ultra-sleek glass backsplash, the walls reflect the shiny lacquer of the white cabinets. Accessories and decor are kept to a minimum, allowing the red wall to be the ultimate focal point. Design by Andreas Charalambous

  • ornately detailed formal kitchen

    Old English Pinks

    Touches of Old English decor give a formal feel to this traditional pink and gold kitchen featuring a white, hand-carved mantelpiece. The pink stool cushions reflect the soft colors of the floral wallpaper. An ornate crystal chandelier reflects the elegance and unique use of color in the space. Design by Dave Stimmel

  • Bright, Intimate Kitchen

    Eye-Catching Primaries

    Primary colors are characteristic of Spanish style. This kitchen successfully ties in red and gold for its color scheme. Red-tiled countertops against dark wood cabinetry complement the surrounding gold walls. The red is also carried across to the archway and to the colorful detail on the stainless steel appliances, tying the entire look together. Design by Christopher J. Grubb

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