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Colorful Collage Rearranges Kitchen

This boring white kitchen is about to get a colorful Spanish style makeover with an Old World twist.

Student designer Jeff Barrett has come to the aid of Jon Lum and Cheryl Yee because their kitchen is a 1960s throwback and they don't know how to fix it. Jeff plans to add hardwood floors, a new countertop, new tiles and various niches throughout the space.

They are excited about the plans, but cautious regarding the amount of work to be completed in two days. Although there were a lot of changes, this young designer pulled off a major kitchen renovation in two days and with $2,000.

The couple like the bright color of their dining room and the corner cabinet is a useful display/storage space. Unfortunately, the kitchen and this room totally clash right now.

This modern spin on Old World architecture in bright orange, cobalt blue and mustard completely transform the space. The lower cabinets are refreshed with paint, while the upper ones are new and stained to match the new flooring.

The view from the dining room is now cohesive, while another wall-mounted niche picks up the colors from the kitchen and adds even more display space.

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