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Maximize Kitchen Storage

Check out these ideas for easy kitchen organization.

Storage is always a big issue when redesigning a kitchen — here are some innovative ways to keep your kitchen necessities in order.

  • Add another cutting surface to your drawer with a custom addition available with IKEA kitchens.

  • Two-tier cutlery drawers make the most of a deep space by stacking a sliding compartment on top of the other.

  • Deep, wide drawers are perfect for storing all of your pots and pans in one place.

  • Drawers with fitted pegs keep the contents in place.

  • A pullout compartment called an "arena" shelf is accessible from all sides.

  • Lazy Susans are working even harder these days. Opening the cabinet door pulls the shelves in the corner over to the side where everything is within reach.

  • Upper corner cabinets not deep enough for lazy Susans can be fitted with hinged doors to make the space usable.

  • A circular island with storage below allows for creative use of space in the uniquely shaped doors.

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