Cost-Cutting Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

There's a new breed of homeowners redefining the way homes are built: creative individuals who thrive on the challenge of finding inexpensive materials and using them in innovative ways. Here are the results of 10 kitchen renovations.

Custom Isn't the Only Way

This Longmont, Colo., kitchen is beautiful, modern and inexpensive. Homeowners Kim and Robby Finley got an initial bid of $60,000 to have custom cabinets built in their kitchen. Finding that estimate way too expensive, they decided to just build the cabinets themselves. The cabinets are made from purple heart wood flooring that creates quite a luxurious look. The center panels are stainless steel sheets that Robby found at a local auction. The handles are simply plumbing pipes from a hardware store. As for the countertops, Kim found a beat-up stainless steel counter at an old pizza parlor for $50. She took a sander to it and created funky swirls to camouflage the old scratches. Total cost of the cabinets and countertops: $3,000.

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