From Ultra-Bland to Super Spicy: Dramatic Kitchen Makeovers

The Spice Up My Kitchen experts turn kitchen nightmares into well-designed dreams come true.

  • The original appliances in this small kitchen are completely outdated.
  • Now this kitchen fits with the home's modern, open floor plan. A wall is knocked down to expand the space and open it up to the living room.
  • This kitchen has a laminate overload giving it a lifeless feel.
  • The Arts-and-Crafts design is simple, sophisticated and very family-friendly.
  • Older detailing can add charm to your home but this kitchen is too outdated.
  • The kitchen's architectural details are kept intact and blended with a modern flair.
  • These brave homeowners bought this house with full knowledge of this kitchen disaster.
  • What should have been condemned is turned into a sleek, ultra-modern kitchen.
  • This kitchen is poorly decorated and has limited functionality.
  • The overhauled kitchen is modern and sophisticated yet still very calm and inviting.
  • Limited prep room leaves these homeowners with no choice but to cook on the floor.
  • Granite and cherry-wood counters bring in much needed prep space and plenty of style.
  • The carpet in this space is not the worst of these homeowner's kitchen problems.
  • The top-to-bottom remodel uses a mix of popular materials beginning with stunning cherry-wood cabinets in a warm saddle finish.
  • This kitchen has a little amount of space and organization.
  • This kitchen is transformed with lots of storage and functionality.
  • This outdated kitchen is not only old, but also completely mismatched.
  • The once outdated kitchen now has an Old World style with plenty of room for cooking and eating meals.
  • This kitchen seems to have been thrown into a corner at the last minute.
  • The homeowners now have the Italian-style kitchen they dreamed about. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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