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Add Storage to Your Kitchen By Adding a Pantry

Steve Watson and crew come up with a storage solution for groceries by converting a half-wall into a pantry.

To help the Siano family solve a storage issue in their kitchen, Steve Watson creates a kitchen pantry from an existing half wall. Below is a summary of the basic steps, as well as a list of tools and materials used, as seen in this Don't Sweat It project.

Before: The small kitchen is lacking in convenient storage.

Materials and Tools:

2x4s; 8-foot lengths (12)
plywood (2 sheets)
shelving brackets
20" pre-made door
door knob and hardware
air compressor and hoses
electric miter saw
finish nailer
framing nailer
caulking gun
drywall tools
measuring tape
safety glasses


1. Carefully mark and remove the wall section that will form the door to the pantry, leaving the outer wall studs as a frame.

2. The wall that will accommodate the pantry door is small at only 30 inches in width, so a 20-inch door makes an ideal choice. Frame out the opening, check the levels, shim where necessary and secure the new door with screws.

3. To simplify this installation, we opted to install plywood walls and fill in holes with wood putty, then paint, rather than using traditional drywall. Measure and cut the plywood walls using the table saw and circular saws. Using a plunge router and a shelf pin jig, drill holes at two-inch intervals in the wall sections for the shelves to rest on.

4. Measure the interior space and cut the shelving to appropriate dimensions.

5. Inside the pantry, clear coat all interior surfaces to protect against humidity and wood rot.

6. In this location, there is baseboard electric heating unit that will remain located beneath the pantry. To facilitate venting and distribution of heat into the dining room and kitchen, we created a surround and sleeve in the pantry base and installed a vent cover to the outside.

7. Install shelves, adjusted to appropriate heights for the items you wish to store. Your pantry is now ready to fill.

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