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Installing Cabinet and Drawer Hardware

Transform the look of your kitchen cabinets with new hardware. Try more half-day projects with host Steve Watson from Don't Sweat It!

Materials and Tools:

3/6" drill bit

Before: Lack of Hardware


- Plastic templates for particular knobs or handles are available at local home centers. These ensure that all of the knobs and handles are spaced exactly the same.
-If using a plastic template or a homemade spacer, it's usually easier to mark the hole location with a nailset and hammer.


1. Mark the desired hole locations. Measure the location to be sure the handles will be evenly spaced.

2. A light tap on the nailset with the hammer will leave a small divot to mark the spot to drill. The divot not only marks the location, but it keeps the drill bit from wandering when starting the hole. Drill the holes for the handles.

3. Install the handles by screwing them into place.

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