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Contemporary Marble Bathroom

Designer Kerrie Kelly gave the only bathroom in this home a glamorous touch, using soft gray tones and luxurious marble to give it a spacious, elegant feel.

When it came to designing a bathroom fit for the whole family, designer Kerrie Kelly proved to be fit for the challenge. By using a soft, neutral color palette and getting creative with minimal space, the California-based designer turned this single bath into a relaxing contemporary oasis.

What were the main items on the family’s wish list?

The homeowner wanted a bathroom that was as spacious and functional as it could possibly be- –– it is the only bathroom in the home, so it needed to be great

Space requirements were our largest challenge. We were able to fit all the requests in by incorporating a wet room concept.

The house was older so we really needed to work closely with the selected contractor to pull off a seamless renovation.

The location of the existing plumbing posed a challenge. Luckily, our solid trade relationships with our cabinet maker and plumber helped create a smart and cost effective solution for the homeowner.

The classic finishes of Carrera marble, neutral tones and timeless finishes always make for a great space. We believe everyone deserves great design and keeping it simple is part of that mantra.

Behind the vanity and medicine cabinet doors we have a load of organizational goodies for hair products, blow dryers, flat irons and other girlie goodies. When the doors open, it is like shopping your very own beauty counter!

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