Mint-Green Bathroom

Designer Amanda Swaringen created a bathroom that makes her clients feel like they’re retreating to a posh hotel.

  • Functional Focal Point

    The owners wanted their bathtub to be the first thing you saw as you entered the room, but the space still had to function. So I pulled the tub forward, making room for a bench in the shower behind it.

  • Contrasting Cabinets

    The built-in cabinets offer the main storage for this space, but we also added a furniture piece for towels, versus doing another built-in.

  • Built-In Storage

    Adding towers on either side of the sink created necessary storage and also balanced the clipped ceilings.

  • Mosaic Tile Niche

    The diamond-shaped mosaic in the niche above the bathtub echoes the diamond pattern of the window treatment.

  • Blending Styles

    This bathroom was trending pretty traditional in style, so to add a punch of modern design, we chose a contemporary dresser. The overall look is now nicely balanced.

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