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Exquisite Marble Tile Bath

Designer Marianne Brown transforms her bathroom into a master bath complete with Calacatta marble tile, a large shower and two console sinks.

Designer Marianne Brown tackled the master bathroom in her own Salt Lake City home using Calacatta marble tile for the wainscot while still staying within her budget. She and her husband ended up with the look they wanted and all of their wish list items fulfilled including two console sinks and a large shower.

We knew we wanted to use marble, and both my husband and I loved Calacatta marble for its richness and warmer tones. We also wanted to have console sinks instead of the traditional wood vanity and my husband wanted a big shower. I eventually want a space for a bathtub.

Making sure we had room for everything was a bit of a challenge although our biggest obstacle was getting the Calacatta marble wainscot on the walls while staying on budget. By choosing to do the majority of the bathroom floor in the same wood floor we had throughout the house, we were able to put more money towards our tile budget.The only thing that really changed was our shower trim, head and faucets. We weren't able to afford what we really wanted to use and stay within the budget.

The end result matches up very closely to our original vision. With proper planning, and choosing where to splurge and where to save, we ended up with the look we wanted and all of our wish list items fulfilled.

The biggest lesson I learned with this project was not to overthink the little details. I thought there was no way the bathroom was going to look as good as I’d imagined if I didn't get my uber-expensive shower trim and faucets, but in fact, it looks fantastic. Now I always make a priority list with the homeowners, so we make sure we get their top items and then don't sweat the things at the bottom of the list.

The wallpaper on the back of our custom bath cabinet adds color and pattern. The glam candle sconces reflect the most beautiful light against the mirrors. I also love the Lucite leg bench, and of course, the gold and gray tones in the Calacatta marble!

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