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Contemporary Luxe Bathroom

Designer Christopher Grubb created a modern bathroom that features a large walk-in shower, sunken tub and double vanity.

For this Malibu, Calif., project, designer Christopher Grubb and Arch-Interiors Design Group redesigned a bathroom on a budget of $80,000.

Christopher shares how he transformed a minimalist bathroom into a luxurious spa with a stunning glass shower and a sunken tub surrounded by polished stones.

Describe the homeowner's wish list.

It originally had a minimalist, European look to it, which felt cold so we had to transform the space to make it feel more intimate.

The client wanted a more functional vanity area, which we were successful in doing, and we were able to display elements to make the space feel less like a bathroom.

We wanted to make the space feel more cohesive and improve the functionality to it.

We wanted to do a vent-less fireplace, but the client felt like the access was cumbersome and didn't want to deal with having to fill it with the liquid.

It was a very large space with existing windows built around, and we had to keep in mind the relocation of the water closet. How we addressed these issues was to make sure all the elements were properly scaled.

We were very fortunate that there were no surprises on this project. Also, we had the great opportunity to design a high-end custom vanity that we were able to add to the C.G. Collection line.

The wood wall features various-sized lit niches for decorative items. The built-in bench in the shower appears to be freestanding and looks like a piece of furniture. Not all plumbing fixtures come in one's desired finish, but it's actually easy to have them plated to get the right look.

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