Bathroom Tiles for Every Budget and Design Style

Thinking of adding some pizzazz to the powder room? Create a stunning look in your bathroom with a tile design that suits your style and falls within your budget, too.

Walker Zanger

Waterfall of Color

Using thinner glass tile vertically gives the impression of movement. Here the muted blues create a waterfall effect above the vanity. Dark countertops reflect the tile and help the color spill over the edge.

Dominic Crinson

Patchwork Pretty

Mix and match designer tiles to create a patchwork of eye-popping color. These patterned tiles create a rich color palette that feel as inviting as Grandma's quilt with more of a contemporary twist. Photo courtesy of Dominic Crinson

Walker Zanger

Create a Motif

A simple pattern repeated can make a striking statement on a wall. Look for tiles with built-in motifs or create your own with different shapes, sizes and textures. This pattern gives a bold look to the wall; however, using less contrast between tiles will soften the look.

Wendy Chipman

Go Freestyle

Homeowner Wendy Chipman couldn't decide on a single style to surround her tub, so she collected various colors of tile that appealed to her. Without a sketch to work from, Wendy created a masterpiece of free-flowing design straight to the wall. Not feeling as confident as Wendy? Get inspiration from a piece of wall art, or a photo taken in nature.

John Lum Architecture

Pricey Pop

Sometimes the more unique the tile, the more it costs. Find a small area where you can make a big impact yet keep your budget intact. Here solid terra-cotta walls are accentuated by a playful patterned backsplash. Design by John Lum Architecture

Erika Bierman Photography

Bubble Bath

What better way to enjoy a bath than with a fun, bubbly trim around the tub? The dark blue circles contrast with the white beveled tile, adding a playful splash of color to the space. Design by Charmean Neithart Interiors

Sheila Addleman Photography

Clean and Bright

Horizontal lines keep the eye moving around the room. In this space small stripes of greens and blues add a playful energy to the bathroom. The ceramic white brick tile mimics the white pedestal sink and shower base and makes the space feel crisp and bright. Design by live-work-play

Designs by BSB

Bits of Glitz

If you're planning a bathroom remodel, consider adding some bling inside the shower. This semi-reflective broken tile creates a shimmering space without overdoing it. Plus, the clear glass allows you to keep your fear of color commitment intact. Design by Becky Sue Becker

The Tile Shop

Bring On the Bling

This showpiece wall catches light from every direction. If you're considering this style, think about how light will hit it and play it up. You'll be rewarded with a gleaming cascade of iridescent color.

Tabatha Muntzinger

Gothic Glam

Homeowner Tabatha Muntzinger wasn't afraid to go dark in her bathroom. If you really love black, balance it with a predominantly white plane, such as the floor. Then add the glam: The reflective metallic silver throughout the space bathes it in a dramatic, Hollywood-style sparkle.

Designs by BSB

Natural Oasis

Tile can not only be beautiful, it can be functional as well. Here designer Becky Sue Becker uses natural stone in warm tones to create a single bathing space out of two. Connecting the shower and bath with one streamlined look creates the idea that it is its own defined oasis in a spacious master bath.

Anya Kroupnik Windhoffer

Texture Madness

Bringing together an unlikely pair of textures, like this deep grain tile and brown bubbles, keeps the eye from being overwhelmed by one pattern. The vertical strip of tile creates a focal point for this contemporary vanity. Design by Lena Kroupnik Interiors

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