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Convert a Recessed Light Into a Pendant Fixture

Add instant style to a room by replacing a recessed light fixture with a stunning pendant fixture.

Janell Beals, Isabella & Max Rooms
Converted Outdoor Light Fixture in Bathroom

Materials Needed:

  • recessed-fixture converter kit
  • small ceiling medallion
  • hanging light fixture
  • circuit tester
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • painter's tape
  • ladder

Source Materials

Purchase a recessed-fixture converter kit, ceiling medallion and light fixture.

Materials for Recessed Lighting Conversion

Select Recessed Light to Convert

Choose a location to hang new light fixture. Turn off power for this location by switching off breaker.

Before Shot of Converted Recessed Lighting

Remove Recessed Fixture

Remove existing recessed fixture by twisting out light bulb, turning and removing casing and releasing clips that hold recessed light shell to socket. Leave existing socket in place.

Remove Recessed Lighting Shell

Install Recessed Fixture Converter

Follow kit instructions to install converter. Use circuit tester to ensure power is off.

Recessed Lighting Wiring

Prepare New Fixture

Prepare to hang new light fixture by connecting cap to fixture with chain link. Thread wires through fixture stem at cap and ceiling medallion center.

Lantern Ceiling Light

Connect Wiring

Join wires of the converter kit to corresponding wires of new fixture, following light fixture directions.

Ensure Proper Lighting Wiring

Test Connection

Install light bulb and switch on power at breaker to test that wiring has been connected properly. Confirm and switch off breaker.

Test Lantern Lighting

Tape Ceiling Medallion

Attach ceiling medallion with clean-release tape. This temporarily secures medallion in place while finishing installation of fixture. Tip: Typically the hole left by a recessed fixture is larger than most caps, making necessary the use of a ceiling medallion to cover difference. A medallion is not needed if installing a ceiling-mount fixture.

Attach Lantern to Former Recessed Lighting Fixture

Complete Installation of Fixture

Following directions for specific fixture used, complete installation and attach fixture cap flush to ceiling. Remove tape. Switch power on at circuit breaker.

Recessed Lighting Converted to Lantern Look
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