Ultimate Kids' Bathroom

This hip haven makes it fun for kids to clean up their act with under-the-sea decor and beach-inspired accessories. Integrate an easel with a little paint and let your creative kid's imagination run wild.

Chalkboard Walls

Keep it tidy: Young kids accumulate scores of plastic tub toys, action figures and picture books. Teens seem to gather enough hair and skin products to open their own salons. The ultimate kids' bath includes plenty of cubbies, bins, cabinets and other storage to make it easy for kids to keep their own space tidy. Don't forget hampers for clothes and towels.

Let creativity out to play: Kids' creativity in the bathroom doesn't have to stop with the shampoo mohawk. Cover a wall with chalkboard paint and keep a bucket of sidewalk chalk handy for your budding artists; take photos of any favorite creations so kids can erase and start over. Older kids can use the chalkboard wall for more sophisticated creations, calendar notes or even Mom and Dad's reminders to clean the bathroom.

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