Ultimate Entertainment Bathroom

Equipped with Bluetooth technology and a personal television, this bathroom will have you ready for your close-up in no time.

Screen Dreams

The ultimate Hollywood bathroom needs an ultimate entertainment system. Start off with a high-definition TV mounted and angled for viewing from the tub, with players for DVD or Blu-Ray movies. True videophiles may want a second monitor, either inset behind the mirror or rigged to rise up from the vanity at the touch of a button.

State-of-the-art sound is also a must, both for the movie soundtracks and for those of us who love to sing along with show tunes in the shower. With all of the electronics, make sure to choose models that can stand up to hot, steamy bathroom conditions.

Every movie star knows that lighting can make or break your look, and that's just as true for the bathroom as for the silver screen. The best bet: A programmable lighting system that can go from romance to action/adventure — or from a nighttime soak to the morning routine — with the touch of a button. You'll get the most out of your media toys, but still be ready for your closeup.

To put yourself in the director's chair, run all of the electronic controls — lighting programs, TV, DVD/Blu-Ray and MP3s — through a single, touch-screen remote. If your ultimate bathroom is part of a unified master suite, consider connecting the bathroom's TV and sound system to the one in the bedroom.

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