Bathrooms Are a Great Place to Show Off Your Creativity

Get crafty in the ultimate crafter's bathroom with yarn, ribbons and a scrapbook cutter right next to the tub.

Showcase Your Creative Side

Yummy Yarns: Knitters and crocheters who are short on time (or who have a few half-skeins of great yarn going to waste) can show off their skills with bathroom projects. Whip out a stack of washcloths that gently exfoliate and give the bath a touch of class. Follow up with a handy back scrubber that goes through the wash. Ambitious textile mavens can even craft a rag-rug bath mat.

Hang It Up: A small embroidery piece that would be lost on a large wall can be the perfect scale for a bathroom display. Display favorite pieces of stitchery, orphaned scrapbook pages and small sculptures in your bathroom mini-gallery.

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