Ultimate Christmas Bathroom

Deck the halls -- and the bathroom -- with holiday decorations, lights and trees. Add some glowing stars and a light-up Santa and you've got the ultimate Christmas bathroom.

Try Some Fun Decorating Experiments

Scent: Experiment with fresh greenery, scent diffusers, potpourri and candles to find the scent combinations that say "Christmas" to you. If your ultimate bathroom features a steam shower, try one of the accessory kits that add specific scents to the steam.

Technology: Yes, wires and circuit boards can make you feel all warm and fuzzy for the holidays, especially if you're talking about a state-of-the-art sound system loaded with favorite holiday songs. The ultimate Christmas bathroom also includes a high-definition TV monitor with a DVD or Blu-Ray player. If It's a Wonderful Life always makes you cry, you might as well relax and watch it from the soaking tub. Make sure to choose components and speakers that are designed for the moisture-heavy bathroom environment.

Simplicity: Keeping it simple is one of the keys to surviving the holidays. Incorporate all of your ultimate bathroom technology (video, music and lighting) on one touch-screen remote. Then lock the door, fill the tub and take a well-earned break from all the holiday hoopla.

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