Ultimate Christmas Bathroom

Deck the halls -- and the bathroom -- with holiday decorations, lights and trees. Add some glowing stars and a light-up Santa and you've got the ultimate Christmas bathroom.

Add Colorful Decorations

Color: The traditional red and green are complementary colors, sitting opposite each other on the color wheel. Using them together generates energy and tension, which is not a recipe for a calming spa bath. Don't let red and green dominate the bathroom; instead, concentrate on one color family, such as greens, and use some red as an accent. Or, accent the room with snowy whites or glittery metallic shades.

Decorations: Let your creativity out to play in the ultimate Christmas bathroom, especially if it's a master bath that likely won't be visited by your holiday guests. From formal garlands and bows to funky folk art, show off your favorite ornaments. Just remember to choose items that can take the heat (and humidity).

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