How to Cover Bathroom Tile with Wainscoting

Tired of your tile? Consider concealing it with wainscoting for an updated look.

Steps 1-4

How to Cover Bathroom Tile with Wainscoting


1. Disconnect the water supply to the sink and carefully remove the sink. Also remove any vanity accessories from the area that will be covered by the wainscoting.

2. Cut the 1/2-inch plywood into 2-inch strips, then apply the strips over the tile. Drill through the grout lines, and attach the strips to the studs in the wall using screws. These strips will be used to attach the bead board.

3. Attach the bead board pieces using the nail gun. Cut them to fit using a miter saw.

4. Install the baseboard and top molding using the nail gun.

Print a materials and tools list and instructions for this project.

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