How to Cover Bathroom Tile with Wainscoting

Tired of your tile? Consider concealing it with wainscoting for an updated look.

Before: Mustard Yellow Tiles

How to Cover Bathroom Tile with Wainscoting

To enhance the look of this 1970s-era bathroom, tongue-and-groove wainscoting was installed. In order to save time, the existing tile was left in place, and the wainscoting was simply installed over it.

Materials and tools:

100 square feet of wainscoting
24 feet, top molding
24 feet, base molding
1/2 inch a/c plywood (1 sheet)
1 glass shelf
2 towel bars
1 gallon of paint
hammer drill with 1/8-inch bit
cordless screw-gun
power miter saw
caulking gun
air compressor with hoses
finish nail gun

Print a materials and tools list and instructions for this project.

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