Inviting Spa Retreat

Host Joan Steffend and designer Kelli Kaufer turn a busy mother's bland bathroom into a warm retreat.

  • The room's Old-World style begins with a soft, golden-brown paint color on the walls. The earthly color matches the room's existing trim and instantly gives the space a warm, cozy feel.
  • To lend to the room's rich Old World character, the vanity is painted dark brown.
  • The bathroom's large outdated mirror is cut in half and made into two, smaller contemporary mirrors.
  • New window treatments and lighting transform the bathtub area into an elegant sanctuary.
  • A large leather mirror is hung opposite the vanity to add a little masculinity to the room.
  • To revamp the shower doors, designer Kellie Kaufer tapes off a square border within the door and then applies the same frosted spray solution she used on the mirrors.
  • Leftover strips of leather from the mirror project are weaved through a wire basket to make a handy magazine caddy for above the tub.


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