Modern Basement Bathroom

A dysfunctional basement bathroom gets high tech and elegant, too.


Philadelphia radio personality Casey Foster and his wife, Diane, inherited a dysfunctional basement bathroom from the previous owners—so bad they decided to just turn the water off and pretend it's not there! Now that they have a new baby girl, they can't afford to have this wasted space anymore.

There's no ceiling, no real floor, and only half a wall in this dank space. Designer Krista Watterworth and carpenter Steven Whittle set out to get this bad basement bathroom up and running and provide the Fosters with an elegant, high-tech room that really matches their personality.

For specific product information, click on the After photo of the room.


    • Silk flowers and plants from Bud to Blooms
    • Decorative wood products from Pinecroft Wood
    • Audio and video products from Main Line Sound & Video
    • Picture frames from
    • Stone and granite countertops from Stone Surfaces of New Jersey
    • Lighting from Light Gallery Princeton
    • Stained-glass products from Stained Glass Overlay
    • Bath linens from Waterford For The Bath
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