Textured Master Bath

See how a design expert uses texture to create a beautiful, serene setting.

  • This master bath has been made over with an eclectic spa design that mirrors the homeowners’ varying tastes and styles. It’s a beautifully textured, serene setting where they can relax and unwind.
  • The floors are made of concrete with an aggregate mix. Intermingled with the concrete are brilliant pieces of beach-washed glass. To get the shiny finish, the concrete is diamond-sanded and then coated, similar to the terrazzo process. The floating Geocrete vanity with its oblong sinks is supported by a 12-foot steel beam.
  • For the ceiling, the homeowner opted for an altogether different design. The ceiling has a raked texture that’s the result of experimentation with plaster. Multiple layers were applied, and then the plaster was combed for texture. Once it was dry, it was backfilled with color and then washed out. It looks almost like corduroy.
  • The elevated yoga platform, the stylish soaking tub and the cool frameless shower provide plenty of elbow room. The wooden slats are set up like duckboards on a boat, through which the water drips to the drains.
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