Luxurious Spa-Gym Bath

Check out a bathroom so impressive it even has Hollywood abuzz!

  • This home on Florida’s LaGorce Island is so eye-catching that the producers of a Hollywood movie wanted to pay the owner $50,000 to film there just for a day. With 10 luxurious bathrooms, who could blame them? But it’s the gym-spa bath that really stands out, taking up an entire floor. The shower room can easily accommodate two people. It has two showerheads, multiple body sprays and handheld body washes.
  • The spa/gym/bath concept was devised with the entire family in mind.
  • The raised Jacuzzi is surrounded by a limestone platform. Integrated into the platform is a recessed niche for bath accessories or even plants. The tub doesn’t have a conventional faucet — the water comes into the tub from a fixture on the ceiling. But the best part is the breathtaking view out the large window.
  • Beyond the workout facility are his-and-her water closets; his is a waterless urinal, hers is a bidet. The room has a specially designed vanity, floating mirrors and copper glass mosaic tiles.


    • Todd Glaser
      Phone: 786-208-2124
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