Bathroom Makeover: From Aged To Contemporary

Our experts set out to turn this bathroom from to bad to beautiful.

  • From the too-small tub and mismatched browns on the walls, floor (which has a distinct slope) and toilet to the fluorescent lighting pouring down from the drop ceiling, this bathroom was crying out for help.
  • Now it's a sleek, contemporary space that highlights the family tastes.
  • The small vanity had Jackie and Larry stepping all over each other to brush their teeth and get ready for work in the morning.
  • New his-and-her cobalt sinks provide plenty of space for each Frockowiak. There's also ample storage in the drawers below as well as room for a step stool for daughter Corinne.


    • Lighting from Light Gallery Princeton
    • Andy Knoll
      General Contractor
      Phone: 856-547-9538
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