Asian Master Bath

See how a designer combined Asian and contemporary styles in this unique bathroom.

  • When the owners of this home decided to update their master bath, they wanted a look that combined her Asian heritage and his contemporary tastes. By blending natural Asian-inspired materials with contemporary fixtures and tiles, the designer achieved a very tranquil, unique master bath.
  • Natural-grass panels hang from the ceiling to hide the bathtub and provide a little privacy. The pairing of the contemporary tub with Asian-style panels makes for a stunning contrast in the room.
  • The inspiration piece for the design is the beautiful onyx countertop. The rich browns and greens in the onyx are repeated throughout the space to provide a warm, soothing atmosphere. Under the countertop sit elegant wooden vanities, and wood-framed mirrors hang over the sinks.
  • To add a more contemporary flair to the design, gorgeous limestone tiles are used for the expansive walk-in shower.
  • Natural products and rich woods are used all over the space. The hardwood floors add a lot of warmth, while the bench and armoire bring a nice balance to the room.


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