Glamorous Bathroom

A style-challenged bathroom is given a Hollywood-glamorous makeover.

  • Our designers create a retro-glamorous theme by coating the walls in a chocolate color and the cabinets in creamy white. Powder-blue accents and gold light fixtures will cast a warm glow on the space.
  • The vanity gets a touch of femininity with a powder-blue skirt for the sink, and the cabinet doors get tufted-vinyl inserts.
  • A cover for the bathtub transforms it into a seating area. The new bench is covered in vinyl to match the tufted cabinet inserts and is supported by two-by-fours attached underneath that rest vertically on the bottom of the bathtub. A shelving unit goes on top for holding beauty supplies.
  • The crown jewel of the new space is the crystal chandelier that was found in a salvage store. The piece was refurbished by adding extra crystals and powder-blue lampshades.
  • Our designer created a one-of-a-kind monogram plaque for the wall above the new bench. She painted a wooden disc creamy white and made stencils for the letters that she cut out with a craft knife. After filling in the letters with powder-blue paint, she outlined them in gold and hung the finished piece from a crystal knob.
  • The vanity and the existing wall mirrors are framed in molding painted gold. The space’s new vanity light fixtures are also painted gold and hung vertically on either side of the wall mirror and above the vanity mirror.
  • Simple cardboard hatboxes spray-painted in the powder-blue accent color and decorated with ribbon and fringe create more storage, offering even more space for brushes and beauty products. Frosted-pink window tint provides privacy while still allowing light to pass through. A valance has been added to each, using a single window scarf cut into two pieces.


    • Crystals for chandelier (Shiny Stars) from Z Gallerie
    • Knobs for doors (Pasadena Plumbing and Hardware) from Z Gallerie
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