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Color in the Bathroom

Adding color to your bath can help you create a cheerful and fun space to wake up to each morning.

Host Joan Kohn discovers ways to add cheerful color to the bath from design experts Michael Gillick and Gil Shapiro.

  • Creams and taupes have long been popular color choices for the bath because they wear well and fit easily into any design scheme at resale time. These soft colors are giving way to bolder choices in color, often borrowed from children’s baths. The new palettes create a cheerful, fun space to wake up to each morning.
  • For the greatest impact, add color to the largest surfaces in the room: walls, floors, countertops.
  • An easy way to add and incorporate color in the bath is to introduce color in wall tiles. This color or element is then repeated in small amounts, such as with an inset or border, on the floor.
  • Larger stones and slabs in crisp glass and stone materials are particularly suited to contemporary designs.
  • While color is often associated with contemporary designs, it also works well in traditional designs since, historically, the bathroom was often full of muted and bright colored tiles.
  • Neutral colors are often chosen for resale purposes. The chances are, however, that if you like the colors you use in the bath, someone else will, too. The color might become a selling point rather than a disadvantage.
  • Towels and accessories are a quick way to add color to the bath. Also, plastic and enamel faucets can add a burst of unexpected color. Pendant light fixtures also bring an added design element with color and form.

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